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Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. "The Ghost" Season Premiere Recap

Ok, may not have been the best episode to watch before bed because I gotta say that it was creepy! Didn't know this show was going to go quite this route and not sure if I entirely watch it, but I will because I've grown in love with the characters. 

However, I was prepared a bit since I knew Ghost Rider was coming into the show. I avoided those movies because they creeped me out and so to be honest, I know nothing about Ghost Rider himself. He does seem to be like the "Robin Hood" of whatever thing he is apart of. Killing people that aren't good.

Still, like Daisy said, it isn't his choice. Like he has much of a choice. It doesn't sound like he does. Didn't expect him to have a brother. Daisy is right. Everybody does get attached to something. The guys' brother is probably why he does what he does.

Then there's this whole weird box that people were stealing. Is this the thing that people were so afraid of whenever the Ghost talked about it? Or is it something completely different? The one guy was affected by it and started killing his friends by just a look. Now it looks like May could be affected too just not as badly.

Still, what is this creepy ghost thing (yes, another ghost) that's on the lose? What's she doing? What's her goal? Seems a bit unAgents of Shield if you ask me, but we will just have to see how this whole thing pans out.

At first, I didn't like the fact that Coulson wasn't in charge anymore. I miss it, still, but it is nice to have SHIELD back again. With people around, not just the soul team. But the fact that they split them up, is so not cool. 

For a minute there, I was thinking Gemma had gone "bad" or as bad as she could go. I mean, it's Gemma after all. But she's doing all of this for the good of their original team. Trying to keep tabs on them even if she has to get higher clearance then May and to be trusted by the director who no one seems to like. Will we ever meet him? I am a bit curious to know who it is. 

Then there's Fitz who is now in a web of lies. Because Radcliffe decided to go against his orders from the agencies and build a robot. Yes, a robot! I could tell Fitz was having a hard time saying no to this, I mean, this is something pretty cool. He eventually says yes to making it better before they present it, but the secret from Gemma is already eating at him.

Not totally sure what Daisy's goal is here. Is she just protecting people but on her own terms or what? She's completely blocked out everybody. Understandable. She's lost a lot. Not to mention someone she was starting to fall in love with and that could have been actually normal, not someone like....Grant. Who in a weird way, I kind of missed from the show. He's been on so long, that it's weird to have him finally be gone.