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BackstageTV "Da Capo" Recap

Ayla is trying to make herself feel back at home at school after quitting the tour when she finally admits that she made the wrong choice.

Carly and Austin are so cute together. I've heard a few things that Austin may not be a great guy, but people can change and I think they both have feelings for each other. I do feel bad for Carly still. She doesn't need this from her best friend, but I'm still hoping for a V & C reunion. Then to top it all of, the guy who Carly used to think of more then a friend, decided to pick V over all this mess.

Ok, yes, I realize that Carly was making everything about Vanessa, but I think she's changed now and realized what she was doing. If this whole thing with Austin is going to end badly, I'm hoping now that Vanessa knows that Carly and Austin are dating and if something bad is going to happen, that she'll put aside her hurt feelings and go and warn her friend.

Like I said though, Carly deserves some happiness so I am still hoping that the rumors I'm hearing about Austin are just that, rumors. Probably started from none other then Sasha himself. He is the gossip blogger after all.

Ayla's first day isn't going as well as she would have hoped for. Her principal did warn her that her transition may not go as she thought it would. When you have a girl like Bianca, it won't go smoothly. Thanks to Miles' suggestion, she was able to prove that she belongs back there and in Bianca's group no less.

Speaking of Miles and Ayla. They almost kissed! When are they gonna put their stubbornness aside and finally admit that they like each other? Miles liking Julie for that brief moment of time, is more then likely out of the window now. He hasn't brought that up at all and I think this time away from Ayla made him realize that he actually does like her.

Then there's the best news of all, Miles might have found a donor for his liver! Hoping all goes well with the surgery, but it is a Disney show after all. I don't think they'd have something depressing like someone dying, in a show. There could be a first time for everything, but still, it doesn't seem like that would be a smart move. 

Guess Kit is gonna have to work harder in trying to put her subtle hint that she's a girl out there. That could be why her record label didn't like it. She probably should have listened to Jax after all. Not sure why she's icing him out now, but oh well.