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Dancing With The Stars: Season 23, Episode 4 "Face-Off Week" Recap

It's Face-Off week on DWTS! I for one, loved the format tonight. It was quick, not a whole lot of talking or drama and got right to the point. Which was dance.

Not that I don't mind the normal format at all, it was just nice to have a break from it all and just watch the dancing and get the scoring. I doubt it'll be like this again and I'm sure they did this for a reason what with the debate on tonight, they needed to cut space out and do it fast.

Now some of the scoring I don't agree with, but others I was happy on because well, my favorite won, that's all that mattered to me. It was nice that they did the immunity different this time. I loved it how now just one couple got it in the past and it was normally the same pro (not gonna name names, though I'm sure you guys know who I'm talking about), who got it each time, so it was totally unfair, in my opinion. 

This time, it was different. Two couples faced-off with each other and did the exact same dance, just a different routine and song. Whoever got the higher score, got to be automatically safe. They skipped right to the judging, not talking about the dance or what they did wrong, etc. Which was a big time saver. 

Oh and Tom is the only announcer tonight. Erin Andrews was off with her boyfriend since his family lost someone. Not sure how long she'll be gone. 

Jana & Gleb vs. BabyFace & Allison:

They both danced a Jive. Now in this one, I thought Babyface and Allison did better, but that's just my opinion. 

Jana & Gleb Score: 26/40
BabyFace & Allison Scors: 25/40
Winner: Jana and Gleb

Rick & Emma vs. Vanilla Ice & Whitney

They both danced a Paso Double. I love watching Vanilla Ice when he learns of a new dance he's never heard of and pronouncing it wrong. I didn't know if either one of them could pull this off and they did so much so that they ended it in a tie! Which means, good ole Len gets to decide the winner. Looked like he had a hard time making that decision.

Rick & Emma Score: 23/40
Vanilla Ice & Whitney Score: 23/40
Winner: Vanilla Ice and Whitney (thank-you Len!)

James & Sharna vs. Ryan and Cheryl:

They both danced a Cha Cha. James and Sharna were awesome. Not sure if they are the best, as Ryan referred to them as, but they are the surprise bunch, at least to me, they are. Didn't think James had it in him to dance, but he does.

James & Sharna Score: 29/40
Ryan & Cheryl Score: 25/40
Winner: James and Sharna 

Terra & Sasha vs. Calvin & Lindsey

They danced a Viennese Waltz. I couldn't believe, it either, hun, that you got Megatron of all people. But in my opinion, Terra did a lot better. Oh well, can't agree with the judges all the time.

Terra & Sasha Score: 30/40
Calvin & Lindsey Score: 32/40
Winner: Calvin and Lindsey

Amber & Maks vs. Maureen & Artem

They both danced a Salsa. Didn't like Amber and Maks' song at all, but the dance matched well with the song, which could have been why they didn't win. You know how Len feels about stuff like that. However, a bit surprised on Maureen and Artem. I loved their dance, but at the end, it looked like she messed up a little, but not sure since we didn't get any talking done. 

Amber & Maks Score: 25/40
Maureen & Artem Scroe: 28/40
Winner: Maureen and Artem

Laurie & Val vs. Marilu & Derek

Kind of an odd pairing, but this wasn't the first odd pairing of the night. Just not surprised at it either. Val and Derek are two of the best dancers on the show and so it kind of makes sense. Laurie had to go out of her comfort zone and it paid off. Marilu didn't do bad, but yeah, I just wasn't feeling it.

Laurie & Val Score: 31/40
Marilu & Derek Score: 28/40
Winner: Laurie and Val

Dancers In Jeopardy:

BabyFace & Allison
Rick & Emma
Ryan & Cheryl 
Terra & Sasha
Amber & Maks
Marilu & Derek

Get to voting if you want one of the ones in jeopardy to get through the result show tomorrow night! Again, did I mention how much I love the fact that they have that back? I missed it so much! Who do you think is gonna head home tomorrow night? Feel free to comment below!