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Girl Meets World "Girl Meets The Great Lady Of New York" Recap

It's cultural day on this new episode of Girl Meets World. Where do the kids come from? They learn all their new stories and one turns out to be quite different then I thought it was going to.

So, Cory wants the class to learn about their cultural. It's no surprise that at first, the class takes the easy way out and only does a little digging. Cory, as always, wants the class to just dig a little deeper and truly find out who they are.

Before we get too into that, I wanna talk about Auggie, Ava and their new friend. Who also helped with Cory's new lesson plan for everybody. At first, I didn't like Ava, but she has grown on me, a lot. They were basically the comedy relief part of the show. Auggie and Ava remind me of a young Cory and Topagna. 

Riley is bummed when she finds out that she's just plain old American. By the end of the episode, she realizes that that isn't the case. Yes, she's from the one and only America, but thanks to digging a little deeper, she was to realize just how special that really was. But I gotta love it when Riley first found out and threw cheese at her class. 

Then there's Maya, who's Irish. She like the rest of the class (except for Farkle), didn't do much research either. On a side note, I love seeing the old Maya back. I've missed her. Again, pretty much like Riley's story, she found out just how awesome being Irish was. 

That goes with all the kids involved. Zay learns he came from Cuba and other countries. Ok, drawing a blank on where Lucas said he was from or if he even said where he was from. 

Now it's what I considered the most important part of the episode. I could tell something was going on with Farkle. Like Zay said, he was being unusually quiet. I did not expect this story and it was nice for Farkle to get a little chance to shine since we don't see that much. 

Here, I was thinking his great, great grandpa was going to be bad, but in fact, he wasn't even a Minkus to begin with. He was adopted by a family who was trying to save him from being killed. It looks like Farkle still is a bit confused as to what his life path is going to be, but I believe he's on the right one and I can't wait to see what else happens to his character.