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Hawaii Five-0 "Makaukau 'oe e Pa'ani? (Ready to Play?)" Season Premiere Recap

Watching the season premiere, almost felt like a brand new show. They totally revamped it back to season one. With the same new characters, but with finally, a new exciting villain.

Something I feel this show has been lacking ever since we lost Wo Fat a few seasons ago. But I feel like they finally got back to that level again. Of course, it is just the first episode, but still, after tonight, I have hope for the show again.

It had everything I liked about the original. Yes, I already mentioned the amazing action and new villain, but it even added back in the Danny and Steve arguments. We got not just one, not just two, but three of them! I knew that Danny wouldn't let Steve live it down that he got half of his liver and wanted Steve to treat it well. Well, if that was the case there buddy, you shouldn't have given it to Steve.

I knew their new baddie was going to be quite an interesting one when he somehow managed to sneak a dead body past all the security in the palace into Five-0 headquarters. The minute their first suspect died, I knew it was far from over, though. 

Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's back up a bit. So, yes, they walk in on a body after watching Danny beat Steve at a wheelchair race in the hospital. As it turns out, this dead guy was actually killing people in their hotel rooms. How Five-0 hadn't known of that is a bit weird and the new governor doesn't seem too pleased with that either.

That's not the strangest part yet, though. Sure, this guy seems to be killing bad guys, but I think it goes deeper then that. They find someone's hiding place of dead bodies. He's killed at least 8 of them that we know of. But who is this ghost that is calling Five-0 out using very old chess pieces as his or her calling card? It certainly has me curious to know.

I'm glad that we finally have a new villain. Ok, now I'm just gonna sound like a broken record, so let's move on from that. However, I am glad we don't know who it is yet. It's still someone who is as I'll call them "the chest ghost" right now. Get it, because he or she uses chess pieces as his or her calling card? Ok, maybe I'll think of something different later on, but I'll stick with that right now. 

One thing I noticed right off the bat is that we seem to be down a member of the Five-0 team. Max was no where to be seen and I don't remember seeing any announcement from the Facebook page saying Max is no longer coming back, which I so hope is not the case. Abby is back and is making herself at home again. No mention of how her and Chin are doing. Speaking of Chin, he's still seeing Sarah who might have an Aunt and Uncle to go home to soon. Oh and how can I forget Danny's nephew? So glad he's still on the show, it would be nice if he got a regular role, but still, it's nice to see him on again.

I just wanna talk about for a second that awesome foot chase scene. It just kept going and going and going, like the energizer bunny! I seriously didn't know when it was gonna quit. They'd hit a dead end, but this bad guy would somehow find his way out (literally) of the dead end. I never got tired of the chase because seriously, the stuff they would have this kid do was just beyond me. It sadly did end with him falling to his death. So, we don't know why he kept that girl locked up or if he was involved in all of this at all. One more criminal off the street though. 

Why is this new villain calling out the team? Does he have some weird obsession with him or is it someone from the past or is someone we have never met before? Anyways, I am pretty excited about this show again and it's been a long time since I've thought that.