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MacGyver Series Premiere Recap

The minute I heard they were remaking MacGyver and the fact that it was going to be on CBS, I knew I had to add this to my TV must watch list. 

Sure, they've changed a few things. It's been a long time since I've seen the original series. But I do remember their original boss, Thornton, being a guy, not a girl. Still, not too upset about that change. The fact that Mac didn't live on a boat either, didn't bug me too much. 

CBS does pretty well with reboots. So I'm trusting them with this one. They've done well with Hawaii Five-0. Sure, some seasons aren't that great, but still, CBS does well with this type of show and I can see it going far. 

I thought Lucas Till was pretty well casted for MacGyver. Ok, not to mention the fact that he's really cute. Would be nice to know how he is related to the original MacGyver, though. But maybe later for some more family history.

Their first mission, or the one we get to see at least, is to save a bio weapon from getting out and being used to kill people. Again, not totally a fan of their first case. Bio weapons are creepy, but they made this case very exciting for the first episode.

But then there's a twist. The bad guy that Mac was trying to save his beloved girlfriend from, Nicky, ended up working with the bad guy in question.

Thinking this bad guy had killed Nicky, Mac takes a 3 month break from work. Understandable. When the love of his life is shot and killed on the job, it's hard to take in. But what's even harder is when he realizes that she was in fact working with him and is alive and well at the bio weapon selling point.

We don't know why Nicky decided to go bad. It could have been something to do with what she said to Mac "You always get to be the hero". Not sure how in her twisted mind that she thinks selling a bio weapon to an even bigger bad guy would save the day, but I'm sure she has some twisted answer to that question we will probably find out sooner or later.

Yes, that's right, Nicky ended up getting away with a neat little trick that Mac showed her while they were dating. Way to go Mac, but everybody makes mistakes. Like his friend, Jack for instance. They recruit Riley, who is a big computer hacker who actually dated Jack for a while. Jack found out that Riley's father was abusive and tried to confront him, then got into huge fight with him and later when Riley found out, her father turned it around to make it look like Jack was the bad guy. So, yeah, everybody makes mistakes.

We at least learn somethings from Mac himself. He has a whole bunch of backgrounds in different things. For one thing, he was in scouts for 6 weeks and got kicked out. Sounds like an interesting story. I wonder why he got kicked out of something like that? Then there's this whole mysterious trip that the minute they start talking about it, they say they can't anymore. They "talked" about it so much that it even has my interest peeked on the subject. What happened on the trip that must not be mentioned? Oh, did I mention that Mac is afraid of heights? Something that he doesn't seem to worry about too much while on the job. But like he said "there are just some situations that you have to man up to".

So sure, something changed like the fact that Mac now has a roommate who knows nothing about his actual job with the DSX which is now named Phoenix because of the whole mess Nicky put them through. But it makes it a little more, I don't know, easier or human for Mac to have something like this. I'm sure it'll all come crumbling down at some point in the show, since that seems to happens when secrets are involved. But for right now, that is one of the many story lines that is going to keep me watching each Friday.