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NCIS "Being Bad" Episode Recap

NCIS covered an important topic tonight. Don't judge a book (person) by it's cover. Just because they look a certain way, doesn't mean they are that way. 

It's also Quinn's and Alex's very first case. Quinn is warming up to me more and so is Alex. That last scene tonight won me over with him. I love the fact that he is tough, but they aren't having him come across as another Tony like I've seen them do in the past. He's a different character, but still with some qualities I love and others that surprised me that I loved about him.

For the most part, he doesn't seem to be too intimidated by Gibbs. Sure, Gibbs was having him "train" in the interrogation room, but to interrupt Gibbs right off the bat, that takes guts. Even McGee admitted that it took him 4 years to ever do something like that. Especially in an interrogation room. With how Gibbs is treating the new recruit, it makes me wonder if more changes are coming.

Like for instances how Gibbs just let Quinn take over the case at the beginning. He just stepped aside and only took over when he knew he needed to. Just makes me wonder what's going around in that head of his. Is he just training probies or is he thinking of retiring? One thing we did learn about him tonight, is that he wanted to be a painter, not an agent. What changed his mind about that? He said that's why he builds boats. 

Their new case actually surprised me. That is something on this show. I thought I had the bad guy pegged about halfway through, but they decided to throw a twist and their dead guy wasn't actually a baddie to begin with. He may look tough, but on the inside, he just wants to do good. 

In fact, it ended up being the nerd who ran the whole thing. Neil, he was the money keeper when they stole stuff. Katrina was the distraction, Jim (dead guy) was the one who did the break in and the homeless lady fenced the items to get the money. Not sure where the husband fit in, but he's the one who spilled the beans on them all when he thought his life was in danger and it probably was.

Katrina wanted to take their ring to the next level by adding bombs and killing to the list. Seemed like she might have been the only one who went for that idea, since Jim died because he was gonna go to the cops and rat them out that and of course greed was also on the list of reasons he died. Oh, the surprise villain ended up being the "blind and can't hear" landlord. That was all just an act. She wanted all the money to herself. 

So glad to see Jimmy back again. Poor guy, though, he hadn't met the new team members and was totally confused. The case revolved around a high school reunion and most of the team members didn't look too happy to relive those memories.

When will McGee pop the question to his beloved girlfriend? I forgot he hadn't yet. That's two marriage proposal on both NCIS'. Kind of cool. Well, neither one has officially happened yet, but it's only a matter time before they do and I hope they are a smooth sailing proposal for each couple. 

Alex seemed like someone who took a long time to get to know and warm up to, but only after 2 episodes, he's quickly become a favorite for me. First off, I loved it how he was so sweet with the homeless lady in interrogations. He knew exactly how to treat her to get her to open up. Maybe it was because of his background that he was able to pick up on it that fast. I would love to get to know more about his past and this show is famous for doing that, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before that happens. The second thing I loved, was the music! A bit bummed that Gibbs turned it off, but hey, that's just Gibbs for ya. Alex adds flare and excitement. Something that this show needed and I didn't know I'd love it so much. He did replace my favorite character and I still miss him, but having Alex may just be a good thing after all.