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NCIS: New Orleans "Aftershocks" Season Premiere Recap

The team all coming back from their leave, all except one. My favorite, so sad Brodie decided to quit. It effects the whole team, but one more then others.

Sonja has the hardest time with the change. I don't totally blame her. Her and Brodie were becoming close and to have someone just up and leave without any explanation as to why, is just a little bit odd. But I still wonder if Brodie is really left or is there something else going on here that we don't know about? 

Their new case was an exciting one. A sniper who is out for the kill, because what else does a sniper do, right? But I kind of had this pegged from the beginning, it was all a cover up to get to the one guy that the officer just so happened to stand in front of and help. The person that Pride knew. 

Maybe I missed the reasoning for the sniper to want to go after the guy, but I didn't catch it. Maybe revenge? Seems to be the motive for everything lately.

Anyways, it was an exciting case and a way to enter the new lady, Tammy. Not sure if I like her or not. She wasn't exactly forth right with coming. Especially after the mayor said he didn't want anymore help from any other agencies, except for NCIS because he knew that his precious secrets wouldn't get out.

So, I guess I should have realized why Tammy was there to begin with. She wasn't there for extra help at all, she is there to investigate Pride's team. I did feel some warming up to her towards the end of the episode, she may be a good fit, but not sure if I totally like her or not. It's a bit too soon too tell, but yeah, just not sure yet.

Sonja and Chris, how awkward is that? Why is Sonja pulling away? Because they work together or is because she's afraid he'll leave like everybody else she's had in her life? I'm glad there's a little romance in this show. Sonja and Chris would be cute together. 

But poor Sebastian. Having to find out about Brodie leaving like he did. It was hard for him. He was starting to fall in love with her and to have someone leave like that is upsetting. All those unresolved feelings are not a fun thing to have. Like I said, I wonder if she's really gone or if something else might be going on. Let me just say though, I'm glad she didn't die.