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NCIS "Rogue" Season Premiere Recap

Finally, hiatus is over! Was it just me or did it seem to go on forever this year? Maybe it was just me, but I'm so glad the shows are back. I was thinking on avoiding NCIS, but I'm glad I didn't. 

Not sure how I was gonna like the new cast members. I miss Tony, so much, but I think Nick and Quinn are going to fit in nicely with the team. I hope Nick can become a team player. If not, that could spell trouble for Gibbs'. A team is exactly what he needs, though and that's what Gibbs was looking for. Gibbs always puts someone on the team for a reason, Quinn just had to figure out what that reason was.

It was nice to see a glimpse of everybody. Even saw someone from way back in the day on their original show, Jag. Would have liked to of had them finish their story of catching up, but maybe that'll come later on.

Their new case was when a car blew up and a family lost a husband and a father. So, who was the target, the wife or husband?

Well, that's where Nick comes in. It ended up being Nick's sister that was the wife in that car that night and he was getting in a bit too deep with his undercover case and it started to hit a little too close to home for him. It is a small world when two cases merge as one. 

Thanks to that happening, though, Nick was finally able to track down the man he needed to. Nick will be a good addition to the team. He does remind me of Tony a little bit, but not overly so. Like I said, though, I hope it's not too hard for him to come to a team since he's so used to working on his own.

Jimmy and Ducky are always fun to see working together. Glad they included both of them in the season premiere. Is it weird that after all this time, the place is finally going digital? Still, it was fun to see Jimmy doing that and I'm sure this isn't the last time Ducky will quiz him on such cases.

Aw, Fornell, so glad you didn't die! For a second there, I almost forgot what had happened to him. I miss it when they used to do the "previously ons" when they've come back from a hiatus. No matter if there was a cliffhanger or not. Mainly because it's nice to have a refresher. It is still funny that he's rooming with Gibbs. From the looks of it, it doesn't look like it's going well. Fornell seems to want to take over and update Gibbs' life to the new century, but that's so not Gibbs. These two guys are probably the most stubborn characters on the show and will probably never ever admit that they are friends, but believe me, they are.