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Once Upon A Time "The Savior" Season Premiere Recap

What is Emma's fate? That was my biggest question after watching the season premiere. It was a bit slow, but I actually kind of love that they are getting back to the basics.

When I first read an article that they were doing that, I thought it was going to be bad for the show. But after watching the season premiere, I actually realized how much I missed this part of the show. Not to mention the fact that they have Aladdin! Which is probably by far my favorite Disney cartoon. So bravo for finally putting that in! It's about time!

I'm thinking that these people that Hyde brought with him, aren't going to be good. Some might be, but with how the show has gone before, I wouldn't be surprised if this is some sort of army he had coming and he's gonna trick them into doing something they wouldn't want to.

Hyde was a surprise villain to me. He never seemed like a StoryBrooke type villain to me, but I was oddly enough excited to watch to see what he brings to the show. Not sure how much he'll bring, since he's behind bars now, but I'm sure that won't last for long.

Archie is back! I've missed him so much! I hope we get to see him more and how awesome was it that he had Pongo with him? Very nice touch there, writers!

Henry didn't have too many parts, but he is still there. Being the sweet boy he always is. Trying to cheer up his mother by missing Robin and who's also having a not so great time with Zelena.

Guess they aren't having the family reunion they all planned. Getting a bit rocky for them. All they have to do is be honest with each other, but with sisters, that normally leads to a fight and it did. One where Zelena was already wanting to call it quits and move out and go back to her house. Which is probably one of the worst things she could have done. 

I think that they are both to blame for Hades' death (come on, a man like that, surely she didn't think he'd live forever without someone wanting revenge?) and Robins' death. The men were saving the ones they loved. Still not totally sure if Hades had a thing for Zelena, but she believes it and so yeah. I'll just leave it at that.

Evil Regina. Thought we weren't gonna see her at all in the season premiere, but guess they wanted to save that for the last scene. Zelena comes home and hear's her in the house. Only to realize that it's the evil part of Regina. What does she want? I hope Zelena doesn't want to befriend this one. Because that's just bad news all around. I get that she was mad that Regina didn't come to her in the first place to discuss getting rid of her evil self, but still, I hope this doesn't come back to bite them in the butt. 

Rumple does get Belle back, but it doesn't turn out how he'd hoped it would. Someone with Rumples past and very recent past, can you blame her for wanting to believe her future son? Still, that whole part seemed like something evil to me that might come back later on, but this wouldn't be the first time we've seen a future child try to warn a parent of what would become of their family. Still, I felt bad for Rumple. He did all of this just to have it blow up in his face again.

What trigged Emma's visions? Was it something with the ship that came or was it just something that happens to saviors? Which as we found out, wasn't the first one Hyde has encountered and that's how he knew what was happening to Emma. Still, I don't think it's right that she's keeping this from Hook. All heroes stories come to an end and I just hope that this show will decide not to do that to the star. I guess with a show that wanted to try to kill off David in season one (but due to overwhelming demand, they didn't), could do anything. But killing a good guy/girl, just doesn't seem right to me. If it does happen, I hope they have some sort of way to bring her back, because not sure if I'd be happy with them killing off the main star.