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Suits "P.S.I" Summer Finale Recap

The summer finale = the episode of change. Not only did it leave the firm with a new boss, but personal lives took a different route as well.

Mike is back home! So nice seeing him outside of jail again not having to worry about anything. It would have been cool to see how Kevin was doing, but still, maybe we will eventually see that. Harvey even offered Mike a job as a "consultant". Not sure if Mike will even take that job offer or not. He didn't seem too thrilled about it, but we will just wait and see.

Anybody else not a fan of Tara and Louis is or is just me? I feel like they are moving a bit too fast, but I guess that's just the way Louis is. I'm just not sure how this whole "other boyfriend" thing is going to work out. Something is bound to go wrong now that Tara is pregnant with his child. Will Tara tell her boyfriend that she's accepted a marriage offer from Louis? I'm sorry, but if you accept an offer like that, I think Tara just hasn't admitted to herself that she doesn't truly love her old boyfriend anymore. Still, something is gonna go wrong here and in a way, I'm hoping it's for the boyfriend. Louis deserves to be happy and to have a child. Something he's always wanted.

I'm so shocked that Rachel won her case! It was thanks to Jessica and what she had gone through in the past and for Mike's background too. Making the jury have sympathy. We still don't know who the real killer was. I did have a bad feeling that it could have been the boyfriend and it was all self defense that went horribly wrong. 

However, to have the father kind of involved on just getting someone to blame was awful. Was not expecting that and thanks to that, they won their case because Mike knew how to back the guy into a corner and have to admit that he paid the other witness off. 

Loved seeing the flashbacks of Jessica. Don't believe we ever got a glimpse into her personal life like that. It was a beautiful send off to her. Yes, sadly, Jessica has left the firm. She realized that in all of this, she has lost herself and why she wanted to be a lawyer in the first place. Something her dad was very worried to have happen. She finally realized that and decided to step down and go be with the man she loves, Jeff! 

Donna and Harvey at the end, what a nice touch! Ok, not the exact scene I was hoping for, but Donna did what she does best, just being their for her friends. Ok, I was hoping for some big "I love you" moment and I hope that moment hasn't sailed from this couple, but still, it was simple and sweet at the end and just what Harvey needed.