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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire" Episode Recap

The team finally find what they've been looking for since the season started. But will it work out like they want it to?

So cute seeing Fitz and Simmons apartment hunting. Only to find out that the apartment Simmons was looking at, was just a trick to get Simmons there to help Daisy out. I knew something was up right when Simmons walked in. In fact, I half expected one of the creepy ghosts to be there, but I don't know why they would contact Simmons, so that wouldn't make sense.

We finally get to learn of what happened in that building and what killed those people and gave Lucy (yes, the ghost has a name now), her powers. They were building something called a Quantum particle generator. Something that could create matter out of nothing. Something went wrong and killed those people. So, they are ghosts, just ghosts with powers and who want revenge and find some creepy book that everybody tells everybody else to stay away from.

First, I didn't like Robbie/Ghost Rider. But I'm starting to like his character now. Though he has a dark side, he only uses it to kill bad people. It would be interesting to know how he actually got his power, though, I'm sure it's creepy no matter what happened. So it might be a good thing we don't actually see what happened.

Shield has Robbie on their side now. Not sure how long that'll last, but I think he'll be a good fit to the team and not to mention that they finally got Daisy back! Not sure how long on her either, but I think she was happy to see Coulson again. Though he acts oddly calm around her. You'd think he'd be frustrated or mad or happy or something. 

Agent May is getting back to her normal self. Though she had to stay at Radcliffe's house for a little while longer then she wanted to, it was probably for the better. I'm surprised May didn't see right through the robot, but it took two seconds for Simmons to realize what the new lady was. She's furious at Fitz for keeping this a secret from her and now she's going to have to tell the truth on her next lie detecter test.

I'm not sure why Fitz wants Simmons to tell the truth, maybe he hates the fact that he's keeping this a secret or he hates the fact that Radcliffe went behind their back and built something he wasn't supposed to. Either way, it sounds like Simmons is gonna tell the truth, but what other truths is she going to have to tell? I was a bit confused on that part.

Watchdogs continue to grow, though, thanks to Shield some of them were killed tonight. It was shocking to learn that an Inhuman was in the packed wanting to fight back for himself and not wanting Shield to use them or anything. James, he's the one who was in on the whole thing and almost led Simmons and Daisy to their death bed if it wasn't for Coulson getting whatever message he got that he had to go help them.

The book is gonna be their new mysterious hunt. But I think it's going to lead to something much scarier then the ghosts walking around. Though I hate that stuff, I'm really intrigued to find out what the book is and why everybody needs to stay away from it and why Shield needs it before anybody else does. 

I love seeing Coulson working in the field. You can just tell he's at home and he and Mack play well together. Mack must have no clue who Lola is. Yes, Lola is back! She somehow beat out Ghost Rider's car. Well, that and thanks to the invisible Shield plane, Robbie got a little knock on the head. It was just cool seeing miss Lola back.