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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Uprising" Episode Recap

Now that's more like the episodes I enjoy. For a while there, I was beginning to wonder if this show was gonna go down the horror story path line with those creepy ghosts or whatever they are. Because I was gonna stop watching if that was the case.

But this is more the episodes that I love about Shield. Yeah, it did kind of have to do with the ghosts, but not too much. As long as it's like that from now on, I'll be ok. Because that stuff totally creeps me out. 

The crisis this week? May is seeing things that aren't there and it's getting worse to the point of she might actually die because she is literally scared to death of what is going on with her and I don't blame her one bit. If these things are ghosts and from what I understand about ghosts, they only stay behind because they have unfinished business. What is their's? Robbie's uncle since it sounds like he is the reason that something bad happened? Since we found out a bit more in this episode, I am a bit more curious in watching. Even if it gets way more creepy. 

Thanks to Radcliffe, he found out the cure. By actually killing May. Things were moving right along with that plan. Up until the point of the black out hit his town and everything started to fall apart. I've grown to like May, so I would have been mad if they killed her off with no warning at all.

Radcliffe has all sorts of stuff in his place, though, so he was able to get the machine going again to revive her. Thank goodness. She seemed confused and mad all at once, but that's just May for you. Even though she was only gone a couple episodes, I actually missed her.

An Inhuman group is threatening to continue doing blackouts on not just lights, but on all electronics as well until the Inhuman list is stopped. Only to find out at the end, that it wasn't an Inhuman at all. That it was WatchDog all along. But who is funding them? They had to have someone major backing them the whole time and this isn't the last we've seen of them, I'm sure.

The Inhuman list worked to the disadvantage. Instead of protecting the Inhumans, it was helping the WatchDogs track down the Inhumans and kill them. Daisy knew it wouldn't be her kind doing it and Coulson knew that something was off and they were both right. What they don't know, is that the Senator is the one behind all of it! The minute she started talking to herself, I was half expecting to see one of the creepy ghosts things be her brother standing beside her, but no, he's some sort of brick thing. Did an Inhuman do that to him and that's why she's doing this or is he an Inhuman and his power got out of control? That wasn't the strangest thing I've seen on this show, but it was pretty out there.

Though I miss Coulson being in charge, I think he has realized that he loves working with his team much more. He fits in better at doing this stuff. May wants him back in charge, but he doesn't want to be. I can tell he enjoys being out in the field again with people he loves, doing what he loves.

I love the fact that Shield is in the open again. It'll be nice for them and I think it's just in time too. What with WatchDog targeting Inhumans, the people need to know that they are safe. But my question is, though, what happened to the superheroes? I am a bit behind on the movies, though, so that could be why I'm a bit lost on that. 

Do I sense that Robbie is starting to have feelings for Daisy? I got that a little at the end when Gabe said that Daisy had left. But I hope Gabe realizes that Daisy isn't bad after all, that she uses her powers for good and would never hurt anybody unless she had to. But if only he knew what his brother did, I'm sure he'd be regretting what he told Daisy. 

Robbie doesn't want his power anymore, he just doesn't know how to get rid of it. He thinks that if he rights the wrong his uncle did (probably killing those people that are now ghost that are walking around), he can get rid of it. My question is, though, how'd he get it in the first place? You can't get something like that unless you truly had no clue it was coming. Like you wanted to do something good, like save someone, and you knew there'd be a price, you just didn't know what it was. I've never read any of the Ghost Rider comics, so I am hoping we learn more of his background and why he became what he became in the show.