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Agents of S.H.I.L.D. "Lockup" Episode Recap

The team hunt down Lucy before she gets to Robbie's Uncle.

First, there's a flashback of Lucy as a human, with her husband, searching for the book that no one should ever find. If it is that bad, why not destroy it? Or maybe it just can't be destroyed. Guess that's a theory, a creepy one, but a theory. This book is just as creepy, though. Disappearing ink? And to only they way they want to read it? What's in this thing?!

So yep, pretty much the whole episode. Stop Lucy before she got to the uncle to figure out what the book says in order to get her back to her normal self and finish what they started. Talk about a ghost who won't move on and realize that things probably better off this way. Maybe once you get your hands on the book, it has some sort of hold over you that you just can't shake.

That would explain that very odd look that the uncle had on his face once he opened it and started reading it. He looked scared and was like "What in the world am I reading?!". Must be some kind of dark magic, sort to speak.

Daisy is on a suicide mission it seems like. I mean, to want to go into a room full of bad guys in a jail and beat your way out, is not healthy. I get what Daisy is trying to do now, though. She's trying to distant herself from getting close to anybody because she doesn't want to go through what she went through with Lincoln.

It's understandable, that can't be easy, seeing someone you love blow up because he was just saving the world. But correct me if I'm wrong, but I sense something going on between Daisy and Robbie. Why else would Daisy fight for Robbie to get on the team in order to go get his uncle out of prison? They should have just listened to Mack in the first place and then they wouldn't be in this situation, but oh well. Daisy does know how being on the outside feels so it could have just been a friend helping out a friend, but I think there's something more going on there.

Simmons is worried about her polygraph. I mean, I guess I would be too after finding out that someone has been hiding a secret that is a huge no no. The question she dreaded answering did come up, but there was a save from Jeffery! He needed her help in order to pass a debate with someone. As it turns out, that was just a fix so that Jeffery could come out as being Inhuman and now the lady he was debating against, needs something from him. What, we don't know, but it can't be good. Simmons did manage to get out of her polygraph a second time when she realized that the heroic story Jeffery told in the debate was just a lie. Nice move there Simmons! 

Glad to know that they have an antidote against this ghost infection now. It really came in handy when Mack go infected. 

Everything was going fine until Robbie saw that one guy from 5th Street gang. I didn't know what his problem was at first and I was just thinking that it was the Ghost Rider inside him telling him it was time to do something bad. It might have been, but this was more revenge then anything else. Robbie knew he couldn't walk away (or he just couldn't walk away and can't control Ghost Rider at all) and leave the guy who put his brother in a wheelchair without revenge and that's what he did. In the meantime, though, his uncle was being kidnapped by a ghost, so yeah, you really should have listened to Mack and just stayed back at headquarters.