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Bull "Callisto" Episode Recap

I've loved the show, but I think it is one of my go to shows after this episode. They were put into a place where they couldn't do what they normally did and I loved the fact that they had to figure out a different way to do it.

Bull also had some issues with this town they went to because it's the home of the only case he ever lost. He could never beat this lawyer because she controlled everything and everybody in this town and they always sided with her. That is, until this time.

Bull is different now because of this town. He has surrounded himself with people he loves and trusts and I think that made all the difference. That and he knew someone that the town loved perhaps a little more then the lawyer lady to represent them.

With all this going for them, however, they still couldn't do it like they've done in the past with a mirror jury and such. It took some working around to getting into the peoples heads so they can figure out how to change their minds. They couldn't even set up the juries like they wanted to, either. So, it was quite a challenge for them.

But what a fun challenge it was. It was awesome seeing them in this kind of way. Having them to adjust to a new way of life and still having to face some past issues. Mainly for Bull because the minute him and the lawyer lady met, you tell they had more then just a work relationship. 

Speaking of which, does anybody else get that feeling between Bull and Marrisa? I feel like they like each other, they just won't admit it because they work together, etc. They could just be good friends, but that's not totally the feeling I get. 

Their new case is when their new client is called out by her old boss for infringement. Taking his drug and making it her own. But since she can kind of prove that he never ever made the drug the way she did, they wanted to clear her name and give her the rights to it.

In the end, Bull can look back on this town with a happy face now. He won the case only because the clients old boss knew he had lost when she described how she made the drug and so he pulled out. Not a total win, but I'd count it and I think Bull does too. It's then we find out that Bull realized after this town that he lost himself and why he went into his line of work. He then built that team out of what happened there and now he is what he is today because of that town.