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Bull "The Woman In 8D" Episode Recap


Their new case takes an interesting turn when they realize that they are having to fight against gender bias. 

The minute I heard about this case, I was hoping they would win with flying colors. This bugs me when I hear people doing this. Like they said on the show, sometimes people do it without even realize they are doing it. 

It was an awesome plot and important lesson to us all. A woman pilot is accused of crashing her own plane and killing the people on board and since she doesn't remember what happened, it's easy to write it off as her mistake and trying to pay people off.

That's what her lawyer, someone who was hired by the company she works for, wanted to do. Then she realized what she really did and decided to fight for herself since she didn't do anything wrong.

In fact, she saved a whole neighborhood of people from dying because of what she did. Sure she went against protocol, but she realized what would have happened if she would have gone with protocol. 

Not that killing people on a plane isn't something to just brush off, but what she did was heroic, in a way and to realize what Dr. Bull had to do in order to turn tables in their favor was amazing yet again. Just 2 episodes in and I'm hooked and impressed with what he can do.

I do wonder what Dr. Bull would do if he came up against a case that he found out that the person was indeed guilty. Would he turn the tables then? So far, both cases we have seen, he has won and it was for someone who was completely innocence but was being tried because of what people thought of them. I hope that he never gets a guilty case but I guess it wouldn't surprise me if he did and it would be quite interesting to see how he would handle it.