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Hawaii Five-0 "He Moho Hou (New Player)" Episode Recap

Alicia Brown is officially on the chess player case, but not in the way that Steve would have wanted.

I guess anyone would be unnerved to wake up next to a dead body. Even someone who's worked with stuff like this before. It would be creepy knowing that the murder actually happened in the house. Is Alicia that sound of a sleeper or was she drugged? That was never questioned, but still. Weird. So of course she's on the case now, since the guy (or girl) is calling her out.

Chin is possibly having second thoughts about sending Sarah to her family. I believe Chin wants to keep her. They are so cute together and I think they'd be good for each other. Plus, Sarah feels safe with Chin. Chin just doesn't think he has any room to argue the case, let alone win it. 

Kono receives a phone call from a past surfer friend. It wasn't fun not having her on the teams new case (though they made up for that at the end), but I forget how good Kono is with people. Realizing what they need in order to get what they lost back. Her friend ended up going to war, since she knew that surfing made her dad mad at her. That's when she lost her legs when she got ambushed and I think she has regretted going to war ever since. I could be wrong, but that was the feeling I got when she said "I will never be able to surf again!". Even her family gave up on her.

We aren't sure what totally happened, though the mom filled Kono in on some stuff. I think that's when Kono realized what Rosey needed. A friend and someone to help her get back doing what she loved before everything changed for her. You could tell when she got in the water that something changed inside of her. Going back to what you love is a powerful thing.

Their new case is quite an interesting one. There's not one, but two bodies at the place. Must have missed the part as to what actually happened, but the guy killed the pilot, pushed him out of the plane and the pilot ended up falling through someone's house. Then the bad guy landed, killed the house owner and took off with money that he got on the plane. Then he was being chased by some other people that wanted him dead, so they could get the money instead.

Steve ends up doing an exchange at the end. The bad guy for the money. Only to have a little surprise for the bad guys on the other side when they opened the bag. I thought the bag was awfully heavy for Steve carrying it over. Sure, money is heavy, especially when it's that much, but still, he was struggling a little too hard with it. Well, Kono was inside of it and once they opened the bag, down went the bad guys! So, she did help with the case, a lot.

Alicia decides to unbury one of the first victims of the chess player because she thinks something is important about it. Now this could have lead to the killer, but I don't know if it'd be that easy. I think the killer is just toying with them now. Going "Can you catch me?" type of them. It's all a game, hence the chess pieces. But once they stepped into the dead guy's therapist office and saw that book, it gave me the creep outs too. They didn't even know how to respond when the therapist walked in. Again, I don't believe it's the therapist. It could be, but I just don't think so. Still, this story line and the bad guy has me intrigued.