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Hawaii Five-0 "Hu A'e Ke Ahi Lanakila a Kamaile (The Fire of Kamile Rises in Triumph)" Episode Recap


Man, this episode was crazy good! I knew it was going to be once I learned what it was going to be about. Guess bad guys will never learn to not get Steve on their bad side.

Slow and easy start for the episode. We first see a flashback of Alicia back in the day doing what she did best. First, she was a teacher it looked like. We saw her daughter wanting to follow her in footsteps. Then we learn slowly why Alicia became what she became. Then there was that one thing that changed it all. A serial killer killed her daughter. 

I'm not sure if this was why Alicia wanted to become what she became or if she was always like that. Didn't quite get that part, but it was still all very interesting to learn about her past.

Chin looks like he wants to fight for Sarah more and more in each episode. Especially now when Jerry finds some info on the people that want to adopt her, that they may just be drug dealers in their town. Not something Chin wants to hear. So he goes to Abby's old boss for help to finding out the truth. Not sure what came of it, only to know that perhaps Chin is having second thoughts of Sarah leaving.

Then Alicia and Steve get kidnapped by the therapist who ended up being the chess piece killer. And we get to see the great Dr. Alicia come out and do her thing and profile the killer to a T. A very creepy T, but still, her background (yes, it's a her!) is way weird if everything Alicia said was true and I think it was. But the therapist is very good at having other people do her dirty business for her. Well, that is until she has to clean up that part for herself and she does. So well that there's no trace of evidence behind. She has OCD to an extreme.

She isn't going to be the one that kills Steve and Alicia. She already has someone else in mind to do that. Someone that the FBI have been looking for for a long time and that has revenge in mind for Alicia. Killing her with her biggest phobia. Drowning.

Now if they wanted that to happen, they shouldn't have thrown Steve in that hole first. But whatever, then she'd be dead and then there might not be a new romance brewing. Yep, I saw it along with about everybody else who watched that show. I saw that look Alicia got after he saved her. However, I'm not buying it and I hope it doesn't happen. I don't mind Alicia, but falling in love with someone because they saved you, doesn't sound right. I'm not sure how Steve felt, either, I couldn't read his look on his face.

So, the two people that tried to get Steve and Alicia killed, ended up dying, thanks to Kono and Chin arriving on scene just in time. But thank goodness that the therapist got away. Ok, I know that's weird for me to say, but if this is supposed to be the new bad guy this season, having her killed within what, 4 episodes, is a bad idea. She is also great at hiding and changing her appearance. She is now a brunette and living in California. However, I'm sure this isn't the last we see of her. Because you know, she kidnapped Steve and Steve is now mad that she got away.

No Danny this episode and I missed him a lot. Could have used that McDanno comedy relief every once in a while with how intense this episode was. Oh well, hopefully he's back next time.