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MacGyver "Awl" Episode Recap

Jack and Mac have to keep a very annoying suspect alive while being chased by the people that want to kill him.

After meeting Ralph, even I was annoyed and wanted to hurt him. Though I never would, but still, he was so annoying. Couldn't imagine what Jack and Mac were having to deal with having to save the guy they too wanted to kill. Well, Jack more then Mac. 

So, their new case is trying to take down a group called D77. Ralph is the money man and they hope he can lead them to the group. He refuses the whole time, up until the point he actually thinks he's gonna die and finally does tell them something that leads to them closing the group down and arresting them.

The main topic tonight was, you never know how long you have with your family, so if you haven't talked to them in a long time, now is your chance to make up for it. Jack would do anything to be able to have a real conversation with his dad instead of visiting him everyday at the gravesite. Though, it is true, if his dad was alive, he wouldn't be able to talk about half the stuff they would talk about.

All the talk about Mac's dad though, makes me really wonder who he is? They never did say and they never did mention what happened between the two. Just that something bad happened and even Jack knows that it's hard for Mac to go back to him. In a way, I'm hoping that it's the original MacGyver. Now that would be awesome! Come on CBS, can you make that happen?

What is up with Mac and the paper clips? This time, he created an awesome design. Still, though, kind of a random thing to have a bowl of in the office. I wonder if that was a request from Mac himself?

Their new case wasn't too much to talk about. Yes, it was the whole making sure they save Ralph so they get info and Mac doing what he does best. He can even add a little bit of Dr to his resume now after this episode. Though you could tell he did not enjoy doing that one bit.

In the end, Mac ended up just writing a letter to his dad. Now if he actually sent it, that's another story. Hoping we find out something soon with that and with what is going on with Nikki. No talk of her in this episode.