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MacGyver "Metal Saw" Episode Recap

The plot thickens with the whole Nikki issue and all is not smooth with Mac as he wants everybody to believe.

Their new case, Jack gets to find his long lost love. Though it doesn't turn out at all how he hoped it would. I for one, was a bit disappointed at the end, but still, guess not everybody can have a happy ending. 

Their new mission was to rescue Sarah, someone who is obviously close to Jack and I'm sure they had a dating relationship at one point. She's a spy who got kidnapped across the boarder and since it was someone Jack knew, it was pretty obvious what they were going to do.

The case ended up turning from bad to worse, but when does it ever not for this team? Only 2 episodes down and trouble just finds them. It seems to be that way for a long time, but is Mac really with it or just acting like everything is fine?

Finding out the love of your life is actually working for the really big bad guy, can't be an easy thing to wrap your head around. Sure, he's used to people leaving him, but in my experience, that's not something you get used to in the slightest. He's not even telling Jack of the little piece of info he found at Nikki's place that could crack the tracking case wide open.

Even if Mac is faking being ok, he does a really good job at it. Maybe that's one of his specialities. Still, it's not a good thing to keep that stuff hidden. It's bound to come out one way or another. He kept everything together and completed their mission, but how long will he be able to do that?

First off, I wanna know how Thornton ended up getting to Caracas so fast. That was never mentioned and no one was like "Wow, you are here, how in the world did you find out?". But it was nice to have that little back up and even though the team is in trouble for going past what they needed to do on their mission, it's good to know that Thornton somewhat has their back since she admitted that she would have done the same thing. 

Amy Acker never disappoints in a role. I've loved everything she does and she again, was amazing as Sarah. Jack wanted to have something again with Sarah, only to find out that she has a new fiancé. Someone who looks an awful lot like Jack if you ask me. Oh well, you'll find love one day there Jack. But like Mac said "At least we have each other". 

First, I thought Mac going back to Nikki's apartment was a bit odd and not wanting to let go, etc. But in the end, it paid off since he found her passport stash. Let's just hope he tells someone.

The only thing I'm not totally liking, is the roommate. He's fun and goofy and I think eventually something will happen with him and Riley, but right now, just not seeing where he fits into the story. Other then that, I love the show right now and can't wait to watch more!