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MacGyver "Wire Cutter" Episode Recap

The team have to recruit two old Russians in order to stop another Cold War from happening.

Uh oh, intervention time for Mac! After Bozer found his "Nikki tracking" on his computer. They can't exactly come clean to him, they must lie and go along with the intervention. Some were enjoying it more then others. Thanks to Thornton and her "oh I forgot we have a meeting, aka, a new mission in a few minutes", they were able to stop it.

This case was good for Mac though. They had to recruit two old Russian computer genius and Dr in order help stop this missile from launching. The Russians helped him realize what he was doing with Nikki was only gonna tear his friendships apart. 

The two Russian guys were fun. They were just an older version of Mac and Jack. So, it was hard when one of the died. Mac realizing that could be one of them one day and he didn't want to spend another minute with a lie between them. So he finally came clean, but is Mac really done with Nikki or did he just say that? Nikki is probably the bad guy and the "to be continued" story line, so I doubt this is the last we will hear from her.

After a very long and crazy way of getting to the missile, they finally get it stopped just in time only because Mac is from this century and knew that just by making the computer think it was a certain time and day, bought them a whole bunch of years. 

Mac and his paperclips. This time he made the Infinity design. I'm gonna try to pay more attention to when he picks those up because it's very interesting what he does with them.

It was awesome seeing Thornton in the field. It doesn't seem to me that she's lost any of her skills out there, either. May be a little rusty, but I'm sure it's like riding a bike, one never forgets.