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NCIS: LA "Black Market" Episode Recap

Two guys stumble into an awesome party in a nice house, only to have one of them dead a few minutes later.

Jesse, the dead guy, worked for Homeland. Who also was researching the same thing as another agent before he died in the same month. I do believe those two are connected and they were, but with a surprise twist.

Someone they thought to be dead, is in fact alive and well. The Chinese faked his death and sent him to the US to get rid of him. But that didn't stop him from doing his killing business on the side and smuggling business as well.

There was another twist, the assassin who was killing, ended up getting killed herself, thanks to Donna, the person they were trying to track down in the first place. This all just led to a smuggling ring that they were trying to shut down.

Hetty is on the hunt for the mole and I'd be very afraid of that mole if I were them. I would not want Hetty coming after me. She's small, but she's one tough lady. I almost wonder if she might be close to finding the mole. Like I've said before, I just have the strangest feeling it might be Nell. She's been acting mighty odd lately.

With Kensi still in a coma, Nell gets to get back into the field with Deeks. If Deeks hates Nell's driving that bad, why doesn't he just drive himself? She seems pretty scary. Nell is one tough lady, too. Taking on bad guys twice her size, I mean, Deeks was almost like afraid of her at the end there.

Since Nell is in the field, Eric is filling lonely up in Ops. So lonely in fact that he has almost started to talk to himself. More to the Nell that would be there, but she isn't, so it just makes it seem creepy. Good for Granger for tearing up that note, because if I had seen that, I would have been really curious what Eric would have been up to. I'm not even sure why he made notes like that, I mean, if I made notes like that, I wouldn't remember what I meant. Oh well, still funny seeing him adjust being by himself.

Kensi oh please wake up soon so that you can get a proper proposal out of Deeks. He's dying to ask you. Ok, bad choice of words, but Deeks really wants you to wake up. The only person she seems to respond to, is Hetty. Which is good because I think Hetty needed some sort of cheer up.

The team topic this week was, Callen ran an Ironman marathon without training? I'm with Sam, is he nuts? Just because you do some of that stuff on the job, doesn't mean you are fit to do that for one straight thing. He was in so much pain. I'm surprised he was actually able to do what he did in the field and not call a sick day or something. Still, I was just as shocked as Sam was when Callen said that. I'm curious to know how long it took him because Callen never actually said.