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NCIS: LA "Ghost Gun" Episode Recap

The hunt for the mole continues.

At least they are talking about the mole more and not just sweeping it under the rug and never mentioning it again, like they did last season. Of course, I do have a theory about who it might be and I'll keep saying it until it is proven right or wrong.

Their new case, they are two men down. What with Kensi still in the hospital and Deeks going there to be there when/if she wakes up, they recruit Anna back! I've missed her and her and Callen totally have a thing whether they wanna admit it or not.

Brandon got killed on a rooftop, so they go to find out why. I believe it was all because he needed to pay a debt and he did with his life. I could be wrong, but that's what I think basically happened. Or it could have been to keep his mouth shut after finding out what really happened at the car dealership he was at.

Well, they are actually three men down. Because Hetty sends Sam to the prison that their supposed mole is being held at to get questions answered. Main one being, who is the real mole? He was holding his tongue there for along time until Sam pointed out "She actually didn't love you, she used you" thing.

However, with this early on in the episode, I doubt we'd get the name this early. Natalie is the name he had given them, but will this lead to the real person or just another person who is protecting the actual person in charge? Still, I love the fact that they are actually bringing this story up and not ignoring it.

Deeks' mom is hilarious! I never get tired of her being on the show. Of course, this is only the second time we've seen her, but she is just too much fun. 

There is hope for Kensi after all! Starting to finally make progress. Even waking up occasionally. But at the end there, she fully did wake up. With Deeks right there by her side. However, all things may not be good with her. One hand she could move fine, the other, not so much and that made her very sad. Of course, it probably would me too, but hey, I hope it comes back. But I see a retirement in her very near future.