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NCIS: New Orleans "Escape Plan" Episode Recap

I love a good kidnapping story. Even when it's just a normal case of someone we don't even know. But I especially love it when it's someone we do know and we don't know what will happen. Of course, we hope they will end up ok and I'm sure they would have said something by now if they were going off the show, but still, a good kidnapper story is always exciting.

It was kind of obvious from the beginning that it was going to be Sebastian who got kidnapped. They don't normally start out with watching Sebastian first and then going into the case, which he never made it to and had to find out from his kidnappers that his friend was dead. 

Still seeing him with his mom was just too fun. They are a lot a like. I didn't know they were going to be, but they are. It was sweet to see her too, but moms are all alike. Especially when they want to say something embarrassing in front of someone you've been wanting to ask out for a while and now you realize they have blown your chance. Or maybe not, because at the end there, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Sonja was sadly not in the episode. I do miss her. I wish they'd bring up the uncomfortable hug that her and Chris shared more often, but as Sonja said, they were to never mention it again, so maybe it's for the better. I just hope it's something that isn't swept under the rug forever and forgotten about.

So the first kidnapping we saw at the beginning of the episode, led to the death of Sebastian's friend because he wouldn't do what the kidnappers wanted: to have him break someone very bad out of jail. That's why they kidnapped Sebastian. Thinking he could do it based off of some game. They were crazy thinking that he could do it because of a game. Games and real life breakouts are not the same there buddy and Sebastian even tried to tell him that, that only made matters worse.

Though Sebastian did some crazy stuff and he even admitted that they were crazy, a few minutes later you realized why he did what he did. He could have easily gone to Pride after they got out of jail, instead he went after the kidnappers to have Pride follow them to get the guy back in jail. So, though it may be crazy, it actually led to something good in the end and made his momma more proud then she was of him. It was also sweet to learn a little bit more about Sebastian. Chris finding out that Sebastian was just reading about a football team so they'd have more to talk about was the sweetest thing ever. 

There was also a new fire in Sebastian. Since he actually took down the bad guy himself, he finally got the nerve to ask for the waitresses phone number. Not sure what happened then because that's when it cut off, but she seemed impressed. So a near death experience can be good for some people.

Tammy rubbed me wrong in this episode. She claims that she's not by the book and FBI rules, but what was all that fusing over the plan? Sure, it was stupid, but when you have someone you love that's been kidnapped, all the rules and stupidity go out the window to keep them safe. Maybe it's because Tammy has never been able to get attached to someone, it sounds like, so she doesn't know what that desperate feelings feels like. Again, I think this team will be good for her. Make her come back to being human again. It's slowly, but surely working on her. I have hope for her.