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NCIS: New Orleans "Man On Fire" Episode Recap

Their new case turns into not only murder, but a kidnapping case.

Tammy is finally starting to grow on me. She's still a little rough around the edges, but I think she needs this team more then the team needs her. That's what I realized while watching this episode and I'm hoping she has realized it too. 

Pride does things differently then Tammy is used to. Tammy is way too by the book. Now that isn't a bad thing, but sometimes it isn't great in certain situations. You sometimes need to take a step back and figure out things for the people, not just by going by the book and possibly getting fired for doing the wrong orders.

I knew someone had to have been kidnapped in the beginning when the dead guy almost died and said to the bad guy "don't hurt him!" and what with the mom looking so scared with that bundle of "money", I knew something had to be up.

I was right. They kidnapped this sailor, Drew, because they thought he had a bunch of money and they could get rich off of it. Little did they know, that Drew was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn't have a bunch of money. He just had some and wanted to spend a fun night out with some friends, that went horribly wrong.

Pride normally goes against the rules of what he's supposed to do only to make things better for who he's working with. Either capturing the bad guy or rescuing the person who's been kidnapped. In this situation, it was both and he was only told to do one.

Yeah right, I knew that Pride wasn't gonna sit around and possibly have Drew be killed if they were in the same country as him and not do anything about it. Though Tammy was upset about it, she has started to realize, that perhaps Pride's way is better then what she's been taught and lied to her boss so no one would get in trouble and still get the praise for a job well done.

So see, I think Tammy just needs to realize again why she does what she does. Maybe she lost touch with that and that's why she's like this because I don't think she was always like this. Just a hunch I get from her. Especially when I could see that side of her coming out already before we got to the end of the episode. So, I think Tammy is good for the team. She may still be someone hard to get to know, but maybe that's just her.