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NCIS "Philly" Episode Recap

Ellie and Quinn have a very interesting case in Philly while Nick grudgingly has to stay behind and do office work.

I knew that Gibbs had some sort of test for his two newest agents. He was testing Quinn on how well she'd do going back to a place she had some pretty big history with and he was testing Nick on how he'd do at office work.

Let's just say that I think Quinn past with flying colors while Nick may still need some work on his office skills. Again, with his background, it must be hard going to just a desk each day and not catching the bad guys himself, but Gibbs' wants him to learn to be a team player. It's been a long time since he worked with a team or if he ever has, but I think with some coaxing, he will get there.

Clayton calls NCIS for help when a sailor is found dead. Though he should have called the right people in Philly, he really wanted Gibbs' help instead. But their case took a very interesting route. 

Clayton's friend and coworker who went missing, actually staged the whole thing and was in on the smuggling thing the whole time, just because he "needed money". The oldest motive to do anything  bad in the book. That would explain his friend from shooting the possible suspect they had earlier. Of course, it was just to play into the whole "oh he's not ready to be out in the field" thing, too.

It was actually all thanks to Nick's observation work on the pictures of the kidnapped room scene that they were able to solve the problem in the first place. Nick also learned there were no stupid questions, since his stupid question actually solved the case. So, see, office work does help out.

Ok, could just be me, but did anybody else sense that Nick might possibly have a thing for Ellie? Sure Nick wanted to do field work, but it seemed like he was happy that Ellie was going too. Again, could just be something I only see and there's nothing between them, but I don't know, wouldn't be too surprised at the same time if something happens. There's also something going on with Ducky. He seemed off. 

I could tell that Quinn so did not want to go to Philly and it was clear that she was on a case that went horribly wrong and she blames herself for the whole thing. I just didn't know the details. As it turns out, her and her partner were staking out a crime scene and waiting to move in on just the right moment. Quinn was distracted with an argument with her fiancé on the phone and her partner got a phone call and left the car (that's when the problem happened) to give Quinn some privacy. It pretty much went down hill from there. Her partner ended up getting shot because she got noticed and Quinn couldn't get to her in time. I think this trip was more of a healing and moving on for Quinn then she thought it would be.

Gibbs is building another boat! Not finished yet, but I hope we get to see the finished project. I do wonder how he gets it out of there, but I also wonder, does he actually get it out of there? Or does he destroy it and just start over again once he's done? It must be one of those mysteries we may never know.