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NCIS "Privileged Information" Recap

Gibbs might be wrong? I highly doubt that, but his gut feeling was questioned during their new case.

Their new case is when a marine attempts to kill herself by jumping off a roof. I thought she was going to live, since she did kind of, but I guess the fall was that bad that that wasn't going to be the case. Though all signs point to a suicide, Gibbs' gut tells him otherwise. 

Well, that and his therapist. Loved seeing her back again. That meeting with Quinn was a bit awkward, but fun. Quinn is awesome, just not totally sure how she fits into the whole team. Like I've said before, though, I have a feeling Gibbs is planning on retiring and these are his replacements. Gonna be a sad day if that ever happens.

Nick is trying to find his own apartment. Only to find out that all of them are way too expensive. But his apartment searching is actually what helped solve their crime when they realized that poor Sergeant Hills was in fact murdered. After she ended up dying, the therapist who ended up being Hills' therapist as well, was able to open up on what they've been talking about. Something about covering up a murder is why Hills could have been killed.

That's where Nick's apartment hunting comes in handy. I thought his comment about the old guy in the apartment dying was just off the cuff comment and that was a major turn off to Nick (I don't blame him one bit), but in fact that is what solved the whole thing! The old guy ended up being a collector of coins and gold and he never trusted banks, so he had them in his house. Hills' sister got in too deep with Greg (the maintenance guy) and they stole a little bit of the money at a time. 

Then as all thieves come to realize, they wonder if their secrets are really secrets with the rest of the team and are worried that it might come to light of day and Greg killed off Hills without the sister knowing of what actually happened. He had everybody wrapped around his little finger. 

I am really interested in knowing more about Nick's past, though. That whole odd comment on "Oh, have you been married?". What sort of response is "Not really"? What does that even mean? Like did he have a fiancé and something ended badly with that or what? Ellie is also wondering what it meant too. Speaking of wedding bells, nothing out of McGee about when he's gonna pop the question. I hope it's soon!

Abby and her pet bird were too much fun. Babysitting it for her brother while he was on a trip. Though Gibbs wasn't too found of a talking bird, only Abby could get away with something like that. They have a special relationship.

Seeing Fornell again, even if he isn't on his feet yet, is always fun. Maybe it's because I like the fact that he seems to really annoy Gibbs, who knows. But maybe, just maybe, thanks to what the therapist said, Fornell will think about moving out. Doesn't he have his own place? It doesn't seem too healthy to live in a place you almost died in. However, I would have loved to have seen what the therapist thought of Gibbs' basement and what he does down there.