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NCIS "Shell Game" Episode Recap

Someone who has been kidnapped for days, finally gets free, but where is her husband?

I could just hear Tony throughout the whole episode, if he was there, that is, "The husband did it!". Because it sounded more and more that the husband did actually have his wife kidnapped. All clues were pointing to it and I was almost believing it. Almost.

Sometimes the husband actually did do it, but the wife seemed so sure that her husband wouldn't do such a thing and in the pit of my stomach, I was hoping she was right. With being kidnapped and going through what she went through, can't be easy and then to find out your husband might have been in on it because he was stealing money from his company he worked with, would just not be cool and then there's the fact that Kelly had an affair, too, didn't help the situation.

Abby and her gits to the team were too cute! Quinn showing off her sweater, though it wasn't her, it was still cute she wore it. But that spy pocket came in handy for Quinn at a crime scene. Nick however, is still having to learn to be a team player and refusing to wear what he got from Abby because it was so not what he normally wears. However, thanks to wise words from Gibbs, Nick finally did wear the sweater and Abby couldn't have been more thrilled!

Nick and McGee work well together. Maybe it's all of Nick's training and he knows how to read people, but he knew (like me) that there was something up with Brady in their first meeting. Getting the boss to leave the room to have McGee and Brady talk in private was a nice touch. Have I mentioned lately how much I like Nick? Ok, maybe I better stop or else I'll start sounding like a broken record.

Brady was in on it, but not like I thought. He was the reason why this all happened. Chris ended up finding out that his company was doing some pretty bad stuff and wanted to go to the cops and rat them out. But Brady didn't want that to happen, so he hired a hitman to kidnap Kelly.

When that didn't work, he hired someone else to kill Chris to keep him quiet. Well, all bad things eventually come to the light of day and it was just a matter of time before they found the flash drive with the info they needed on it. That's where the cute little doggie they had comes to the rescue. He had a "spy pocket" of his own and flash drive hidden in it and all things ended well. Well, except for the bad guys, that is.