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Scorpion "It Isn't The Fall That Kills You" Episode Recap

Waige finally happens! Or does it? 

Ugh, yet another tease as to what most fans (or at least me) wants to happen. Waige. But it sadly doesn't. It's all in Walter's head. However, Paige overhears some of the conversation and maybe, just maybe, this is the push they need to get together.

Elliott is back and calls the team back on a mission. You'd think after the other mess ups they've had with him, he'd think twice about hiring them, but I guess even though they mess up, they clean up that mess and maybe he just likes that fact. The rocket Walter built, I guess Elliotts team made a bigger one or something and something went wrong and he needed that team to figure out what went wrong.

However, that's when Walter gets accidentally launched into space. Yes, I say accidentally because it wasn't on purpose. Some of the team are back at command center doing what they do best and Walter and Happy are actually in the rocket. Happy leaves to do something and Walter gets mad at listening to yet another cutesy little love comment between Paige and Tim and takes out his earbud, so he has no clue that a big storm is coming and he needs to get out of there. He realizes it too late and decides that it's better to stay in the craft then try to jump to safety.

But Elliott had an interesting theory about that. He thinks Walter wanted to avoid having to confront Paige about his true feelings and how he feels about Paige and Tim and so he'll do anything to avoid it. Even if that means dying. Toby is also "avoiding" his feelings with Happy at the moment too, while secretly searching to find who is the guy Happy is married to. I believe Elliott is right. Not totally sure if Walter listened to what he was saying, but I hope he was. You need to confront your feelings, don't keep them bottled up or run away because you are afraid of what might happen.

So, Walter is getting launched into space with no way of getting back down to earth because the storm knocked out some important stuff they needed in order to do that. Not only that, it also knocked out his air supply, so now he's in space, with no air and hallucinating thinking Paige was sent up there to calm him down. Not knowing what he's saying, he confesses his true feelings (again - without Tim listening this time, thank goodness) and all the stuff he has learned from Paige, which was sweet. What was funny was watching Toby, Sylvester and Elliott watch all of this going on on the screen. If only Walter knew what happened, he'd be totally embarrassed. Not telling him is probably the best for now. He'll eventually find out since he's already dropping hints of what he and "Paige" talked about.

To get Walter's attention, though, the real Paige actually has to talk to him, pretending to be the fake Paige that is up there with him. It worked and saved his life, but in the process she heard stuff that Walter would normally want to keep private. But like I said, I hope that it is the push she needs to maybe break things off with Tim. Who yet again, got on my nerves with how he was acting with Walter again. Really? Are we little kids with a crush on someone here? That's what I felt like they were acting.

Don't worry, this wasn't the life and death of Walter. He lived, by almost falling to his death. Gallo tried to catch him midair, but missed him. So, a sub had to fire a missile to go off where Walter was landing to create a softer landing on water. Yeah, don't totally understood how all that worked, but oh well.

So in the end, we did not get the Waige that we heard was finally happening in this episode. It was just a dream state, again. Yes, a dream kiss did happen, which was awesome, but still. I hope the real thing actually happens and soon.