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Scorpion "Little Boy Lost" Episode Recap

Not the most thrilling episode, but it's nice to take a breather from those once in a while. I did love the episode, though, because it had some character development and not to mention that we finally found out who Happy was married to!

Ralph was the star in my opinion of this episode. He really is good at seeking out other people who are different and aren't afraid of trying to help them. I'm sure Paige had some help with that, but Ralph is probably just like that, too, since he's different and he knows how it feels to be ignored sometimes.

He was so sweet with Daniel. The whole team was, actually. The kid had some form of something (sorry, didn't catch everything his mother said) that didn't allow him to talk and made all the noise amplified. Poor kid. Without his tablet, his kind of lost and he goes missing after someone stole his own tablet and there was a shuffle going on and he got confused.

Now it's a hunt trying to find the bad guys and get the tablet back and finding Daniel before something bad happens to him. It was awesome seeing how the characters adjusted to having to think like Daniel. It wasn't a typical case, but when is there ever a typical case for them? 

I love each week Sylvester having to overcome being afraid of something and doing it to save someone. His character development (along with everybody else's) is just awesome and fun to watch. This time, he had to actually jump on a rope to pull Walter and Daniel out of a silo before they drowned in it. You could tell Sylvester hated the idea, but to save someone, he did it anyways.

In the end, all this tablet mix up was just to get the controls to a smart bullet to kill a candidate that was having a campaign that day. Thanks to Happy's fast thinking, she was able to save the day.

I didn't think Ralph didn't like Tim. I guess this is the first time we've seen the two in the same room together just the three of them. Ralph so did not like him. I wonder if he's secretly hoping (like I am) that Walter and Paige will get together, but I could just tell he didn't like Tim.

Then there's Walter who is having to give his team members reviews. Which he sucks at giving, by the way. But that doesn't surprise me. He's one to hardly show any emotion, whatsoever. But thanks to that touching message from Daniel, Walter realized they do more then just work together, they make a difference. They save lives and they work well together to do that. 

Happy was off throughout the whole episode. Now, I accidentally saw a spoiler, so I already knew what was coming. Still, it was kind of obvious. Happy wanting to actually go with Paige and be around kids? I mean, that's so not Happy and then with her odd behavior in that chemicals lab. She's pregnant! Not sure if Toby was happy or just plain shocked by that announcement. Of course he was also reeling from the news of who Happy's husband is.

Toby finally solved that riddle he got and he couldn't believe it when he did. Walter! Didn't see that coming, but their explantation makes sense. Walter needed to marry a US citizen in order to stay in the US. But Happy wants a divorce now more then ever since she's pregnant and wants to have a child with Toby. If they get a divorce, will Walter go back to where he came from or can Gallo pull some strings and get him what he needs? I would think so since Walter has done so much for the country already, I mean, they kind of owe him one anyways.