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Scorpion "Plight At The Museum" Episode Recap

A case I thought was going to be lame and boring, actually turned out to be quite the opposite!

I should know by now that even though what they say the case is going to be about, it hardly ever is that easy or boring. This case in particular. Go to the museum to find out why a pillar is decaying? Seemed pretty simple.

Not! Their cases are ever simple, like I said, I should know that by now about this team, but this one took me by surprise. Of course, I kind of figured that the pillar, someone sabotaged it or it had to do something with the building itself. But what I didn't know is that the bad guys were there to steal stuff to make a really really bad bomb.

Toby is like the overly annoying almost husband when it comes to pregnancy. He is the one that reads people, so he should be thinking about this more clearly then he already is. If he isn't careful, Happy will just get overly annoyed with him. That already seems to be taking place. 

I'm sure Happy has her worries about the baby. Making sure they are a family before the baby comes, so it doesn't feel a sense of abandonment like she did growing up and such. Toby on the other hand is going through sympathy pains of morning sickness. Didn't think that was an actual thing, like at all. Thanks to Paige, it probably isn't. Toby is worried, really worried, about having a kid. I'm sure that's normal, but when you aren't normal, there's a bunch of things that probably go through your head. 

Toby has a few that he is worrying about. Being their for Happy and Paige just telling him to just listen to her and be there for her. That's all what any girl wants. Pregnant or not, it just helps to have someone there. Then there's the whole worry on if his kid will be a genius or not. Paige just basically tells him it's ok if the baby turns out to be normal. It would be cool if it was a genius and I'm not sure how many odds are against them for that, but it would be cool and so much easier on them. Still, there may be some bumps along the way, but I think they would make great parents.

Then there's the whole Walter and Happy being married thing for his citizenship papers. Something that is bothering both Toby and Walter. Toby is annoyed that Walter hasn't done anything to make the process faster because it could affect Walter himself. Walter doesn't always think about other people and this is one of those situations. He realizes it and tries to fix the situation, but now they have a bigger problem on their plate.

Trying to convince Joyce, their lady that's in charge of their case. To make sure that they are actually happily married and that this wasn't fake or else that's a whole different kind of issue there. Remember the movie The Proposal? Totally reminded me of that, but let's just hope it doesn't end like that movie did (Walter and Happy actually falling in love). Toby is right, little things that they will look for, isn't just something you memorize, it's something you learn over time, so to do that, they had to move in together (with Toby, that is)! How awkward is that gonna be? Let's just hope we get more of that later on.

Now back to the case. To get outside help, since the bad guys have jammed the systems, Sylvester uses the falcon in the museum to send a message to Paige and Toby so they can get Homeland there to rescue them. It's a lot harder then it sounds. Because on the inside, Walter and Happy are trying to keep the bad guys away from what they really came for, which is what Walter and Happy have stolen to keep the bad guys from getting away with it. Walter tried hard to get it to Homeland, but the bad guys got in the way again.  Finally, they find out how the bad guys got in in the first place and they have Homeland already on the other side waiting for them.