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Scorpion Season 3 Premiere Recap


Finally, a season premiere that starts with "previously on"! Gotta say I loved watching that and have missed it with the rest of the premieres. It was nice to have a quick refresher.

Though, this is one of the episodes I didn't forget too much on. But it started right where we left off. Walter realizing he was an idiot and going to confess his love to Paige. But things don't go as planned. To say the least.

He gets there, just a little bit too late. Watching Tim and Paige kiss from the sidelines isn't a great feeling at all. What's made even more awkward is when Walter has to figure out some sort of excuse as to why he was suddenly there when they have to quickly fly home together to somehow stop two jets that have been hacked into.

Let's just say that Tim did not buy the whole "Oh, I really wanted to hear the jazz concert after all, so I drove up quickly to listen to it" bit and neither did Paige which made for some of the worst conversations between them and not to mention the fact that they were awkward.

My respect for Tim kind of went down hill in this episode. I didn't totally like him in the beginning, anyways, but I'm sorry I don't like it when a guy is overly protective of his girl like he was with Paige. Ok, it didn't help when Walter admitted that he loved Paige to everybody (on accident) but Paige, but still, I think Tim overreacted. 

Love the fact that Gallo stood up for Walter with Tim. Saying that this may seem like something awful coming from Walter, but that this in fact is a huge stepping stone for him and it was. Finally admitting to yourself and to people that you love someone and made a mistake is huge for anybody, but pretty big for someone who always believed that those feelings weren't real, that they were stupid, etc. 

Their mission was exciting, but when is it ever not? Again, sometimes didn't totally know what they were all doing, but it worked, whatever they did. Got the plane back under the US control, then the hackers hacked into a boat missile and then a sub got hacked that had missiles on it. These guys were crazy good, but did not speak any English. According to Toby, they were doing this to sell their "idea" to the biggest bidder in an auction that they were going to hold.

Thanks to the team, they figured out where these guys would likely come from and they had to go through some big hoops in order to actually track them down. Or Sylvester had to go through big hoops to track them down. Because Sylvester is the poor guy who had to go into mob territory and gamble. Since he counts cards, it only seemed logical that he'd be the one to get in on the good side.

It worked, but a little too much. When the Skunk realized that Sylvester was counting cards, he wanted Sylvester to win back some money he had lost. Sylvester messed up and almost got himself killed. Not totally sure why he ran away after he called out the thief amongst the Skunk's gang, since that made it worse for Sylvester, but he did. Met a nice (crazy) lady on the run who was actually able to help save his life in the end.

We still don't know who Happy married. It sounds more like an arranged marriage or maybe something odd happened a long time ago that she regretted, but the guy holds it over Happy's head and won't divorce her. Again, the genius guy comes to mind, but I'm not totally convinced it's him. I'm hoping we find out eventually because I'm really curious to know.

Happy finally admitted that she loves Toby! Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that was the first time she ever actually said those words. I could be wrong, but it seemed to shock Toby when she said that. She really wants to marry him, but she needs to fix her current situation before she can be with the man she loves.