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Vampire Diaries "Hello Brother" Season Premiere Episode Recap

Note to self: do not eat during a Vampire Diaries episode.

Thanks goodness a friend of mine at work who also watches this show, warned me that it was mighty gory. So I knew not to eat during it and I'm glad I didn't because, sheesh! But, there is hope, however slim it might be, there is hope.

Stefan and Caroline seem to be happily back together. Glad to see something good working out for someone on the show. Not sure how long that'll last, but hopefully for a while. Stefan deserves to be happy. Stefan is also on the hunt to find his brother and Enzo and try to save them from whatever has a hold of them.

It sounds like a pretty hopeless situation, though. The minute they do finally find them, Damon tells Stefan that this is all his fault and to go away or else this thing will not be happy that it has enemies in its' house. Like I said, though, there is a small chance of hope. I saw it!

The long lost roommate of Bonnie's is back and wants to go out for revenge on Caroline and her family. Mainly her twin girls. Why does this thing have a thing for the twin girls? Because they are witch twin girls or is there something more creepy behind that things plan? But she didn't last long, since she killed herself. Again, gory episode. That's not all.

Damon and Enzo are on killing sprees. But they only kill people who are truly bad. Which I thought was an interesting twist there. Was that the Thing's idea or something else going on in their heads? I don't know, thought that was very interesting.

Caroline is still in the News business. She is so cute with her kids. But is taking a big step with Stefan. With Alaric's blessing, Caroline moves in with Stefan. Caroline didn't want to do it, trying to create a family with Alaric, but Alaric knew that's not totally what she wanted.

Alaric researching the cave was interesting. That room they found is somewhat important, I just know it. Since when did Alaric become the boss of the armory? That was news to me. Though it could just be because he wants to know what they are up against and I don't think anybody saw this coming.

Enzo left breadcrumbs for Bonnie and Stefan to find. Not only where they were located, but leaving clues as to what this evil is. I first had a creepy thought, that it possibly was the Devil. Hoping it wouldn't take that turn, my thoughts went to mermaids. Of course, that would be way out there, even for this show. However, everybody's tale on a mermaid is different, but nope. It's a siren! I think Enzo had a pretty good idea of who/what it was at the end and that's why he was trying to let Bonnie know, too. So that they could figure out some sort of way to kill this thing. It doesn't sound like they know yet, but at least they know what they are fighting now. 

So, see there's hope for Enzo. He hates doing this thing's dirty work. I thought all hope was lost with Damon, but then he said that quote "If you turn off your humanity, It won't know what you care for most about". Aw, that's that Damon I know and love! He's still in there and doing all of this just to protect what he cares the most about. Elena was there too! Ok, just a flashback we've seen before, but still, she was there. That's who he thinks of when he closes his eyes. She's his hope and he needs her dearly if he wants to wake up from this nightmare.