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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The Good Samaritan" Episode Recap

The search for Lucy and the Uncle is underway, with a big twist at the end.

Man, I should have waited to watch this episode. Had no clue that there was gonna be a major cliffhanger in the episode and then have to wait 3 weeks in order to find out what happens next. Of course, I'm hoping no one else is turned into ghosts since the thing went right this time, but who really knows on this season of this show?

I mean, it's taken a dark path and I really hope it's just this season. It's good once it got past Lucy scaring people. But still, not totally enjoying the demonic stuff in it. This isn't what Shield normally is about and I miss the old stuff. However, I kind of knew this was gonna happen since Ghost Rider was gonna be introduced.

I did love this episode, though because I have never watched the movies or read the comics, so I knew nothing of Ghost Rider's past until now. I could have pretty much guessed that Robbie made a real deal with the Devil. Little did he know that's actually what happened until it actually happened. Poor guy. I do feel bad for him. But this gave him and his brother a second chance.

Who actually ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The hit wasn't for them, it was for their uncle. That was the twist. Their uncle was bad this whole time. The book got a hold of him a long time ago and he played his cool and everything until it was time to get out and do the experiment correctly. This book is one creepy thing, though. It too must be made of the Devil. 

I'm not trusting Jefferey at all. I get that he has people go on secret missions all the time, but for him not to tell Simmons right then and there what was going on, it just seems mighty suspicious to me. That and the fact that we never saw her again, is just all a bit too creepy. Sure Jefferey is an Inhuman, but is he a good one or a bad one? It really is hard to tell on him.

Ok, Daisy is bad and has gone rogue. But she actually isn't bad and neither is Robbie. Robbie gets vengeance and it's not totally his fault that he kills people. The Devil really does make him do it. It's not like he's killing innocent people, either. Murder is murder, but I guess it just would be different if Robbie was hurting good people, but he isn't. 

I'm glad Gabe knows the truth about his brother now. However, I'm not sure how good that'll do for their relationship. They were so close and then to find out what your brother actually does, can't be an easy pill to swallow. I hope that they can get past this and maybe Robbie can get this thing out of him. Again, not totally sure if that's a good idea, since it might mean the death of them. 

That twist though, that finding out that their uncle was actually the bad one all along is gonna be a hard thing for their family, too. I'm hoping that Robbie is still alive along with Fitz and Coulson who were still trapped in there when that thing went off. Well, alive and not a ghost. It could be wishful thinking, but maybe whatever went off will get rid of Ghost Rider in Robbie. it was a good thing Robbie went along, though. Lucy is now long gone, thank goodness that haunting is over.

What in the world is the Uncle now, though? I couldn't even begin to guess.