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Bull "Bedside Manner" Episode Recap

They have to defend a Doctor who is getting sewed for saving someones life.

Their new case isn't an easy one. The most difficult part is, their client. He's a bit of a required taste as Marisa puts it and she ain't kidding. The minute I met him, I knew this was going to be a hard one for them. But it's always fun watching them figure out how to play their cards right.

Terry is getting sewed for saving someone's life when a surgery that was supposed to make it so the lady could get pregnant didn't go so well. Not only did it not work, but she almost died in the process. My opinion, she took the case too far. Not even sure how it got to the court room, but it did. Because seriously, at least she's alive, she should be happy for that. Like Marisa politely told her, there are other ways of having a baby. 

Terry is hard to get along with. No bedside manner, but his rating as a Dr is huge. He just doesn't know how to treat his patients after the fact and I think that was the biggest thing that was going on. Terry didn't know how to act if something went wrong and didn't do a follow up.

Liberty is back! I like her now. She's more confident with her job after that first case with Bull. It was awesome seeing her in the courtroom again. 

Marisa and Terry know each other. In fact, they used to date. It would have been nice to have more of a backstory on that. Like a flashback of some sort. That's what I'm missing from the show so far. No backstory on anybody. Of course, it is the first season, so we may get that later on, hopefully. Because Bull seems to have a pretty interesting group of people working for him. It'd be cool to see their stories too and how they came to work with him. 

I still sense that Marisa and Bull like each other but just don't say anything since they work together. Maybe it's just me or maybe they have had a past and we don't know it yet.

In the end, they win the case. I wonder what happens if they lose a case? That would be interesting to watch. See something not work out in their favor. But for right now, they seem to be winning cases. Which isn't always a bad thing.