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Bull "Never Saw The Sign" Episode Recap

Bull uncovers a conspiracy while helping a new client win a case.

This perhaps is one of my favorite cases to date with the show. I always find this show really interesting and sometimes I even learn a thing or two from their time in the court. 

The big one being, did you know that your brain takes in a bunch of stuff all the time? It only remembers stuff of importance. That explains why I don't remember every single customer I work with every day unless they do something big to make me remember. I thought that was a very interesting thing to point out and the thing that helped solve their case.

This poor father, John, was getting convicted of man slaughter by vehicle. First, they were saying he was drunk, which he only had one drink and the screen test proved he wasn't drunk, so that was out the window. Their next thing was, that he didn't see a sign saying "slow down, traffic ahead".

The case went many different ways. Saying that John was too angry to see stuff like that because of a fight he had had with the baseball coach of his sons team or with his wife in the car. Then there's the "eye witness" of Dormit who's running for something in the office saying that he saw the sign and that John was acting way off. But he forgot to mention one thing.

That the sign in fact had been hacked to read "do not read, not important" or something along those lines. That's when they brought up the thing that if something isn't important, your brain won't register it. John cared for his family. Even if he did have an argument. All married couples argue at some point. That's not uncommon. But the fact that Dormit was so wanting this case to go through and for John to be a criminal, I knew something was fishy. It's because Dormit forgot to mention one little thing and now his whole career path is getting questioned as well.

Because of Cable realizing that the person she had been chatting with online about something was too involved in the case to begin with, she hunted the guy down to find out why. He was the one who hacked the sign and Dormit should have been able to see that sign hacked as well, since he was only a few cars back. 

It had nothing to do with the fact that John had an "anger issue", which he doesn't, it was all because of a hacked sign that John got into a car accident. 

Marisa has been acting different and dressing differently. I first thought she was seeing someone or at least trying to impress someone (I still think there's something between Bull and Marisa). She was seeing someone. Her ex someone. Not sure why she's trying to get back with him, but she is. At least we are starting to see a little into the personal lives of the team. Something I mentioned last week, that I was missing from the show.