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MacGyver "Can Opener" Episode Recap

I loved this show from the beginning. But this was the episode that sealed the deal for me. I felt like the whole cast finally came together and the case was really exciting.

Mac is sent to jail! No, not for anything he did, but he has to go in undercover to break out someone just to find out where this guys base of operation is so they can bring it down.

Let's just say, it wasn't an easy case. It never is for them, but this one was especially hard. They couldn't just walk in and walk out like they thought they were going to do. Riley was gonna use her hacker skills on the place, but that was quickly out done by the jail itself when they realized the soft spot in their system.

So, now what? Mac has to figure out another way out of the jail. By using his many, many skills and making some sort of bomb to get out. But first, he has to get on the bad guys good side. Which doesn't take too long, thanks to some coaching from Riley before hand.

Speaking of Riley, she was really worried for Mac in prison. She was there two years, so she knows how it works, but it could just be me, but I starting shipping these two hard in this episode. If they ever do have a thing, it would be the end of Mac and his roommate, who is finally growing on me. Still, at the end, I found myself wondering if perhaps Riley is starting to have more then just friendly feelings with Mac.

Things go wrong fast when Jack is moved out of Mac's jail cell and can't get Mac the stuff he needs in order to break out. So Mac does what he does best, improvise. It worked, but not the way Mac wanted. Joaquin ended up turning on Mac all because he learned that no one knew of a new bad guy coming after him. 

Then Mac gets kidnapped. Which is good because in the end, they find out the place they wanted to find out from the beginning, but that also meant almost losing Mac in the process. I was never so happy to see Jack until that last scene when he saved Mac. 

Mac goes in and has some talk with Joaquin who is safely back in jail and threatens Mac with more guys coming after him and to which Mac says "I can't wait to meet them". It was so sweet of Mac that he gave the old guy those inhalers. One of the favorite moments on the show.