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MacGyver "Chisel" Episode Recap

Bozer is still stuck at the Phoenix headquarters while the team risks their life to capture someone they need to capture before something terrible happens.

You know, I really fell in love with Mac during this episode. He tried his hardest to stick by Bozer when they were doing their mandatory interrogation of him after he found out what Mac does. I have a funny feeling Bozer isn't going to be a problem. If any thing, he'll be able to help out the team more then they realize.

I kind of saw the end from the beginning. That they were going to hire Bozer because of his awesome masks he makes. It was kind of obvious when the bad guy made a comment about them being awesome and then Bozer also said something about wanting to get his stuff back. I just put two and two together that he was gonna be a bigger help then they realized and I am glad that it went like that. Bozer is good for Mac and vice versa.

Bozer needed to hear all the stuff Mac was saying throughout the episode. Most of his references when he was building something were due to the fact that he found this out while he was helping Bozer with something while they were younger. Bozer is important to him. Mac just had to lie to his best friend in order to keep him safe, but that wasn't going to work out anymore.

I am glad that they decided to hire him on instead of trying to cover up with the story and making some cheesy lie that no one would buy. It bugs me when they do that in shows. It's also nice that it came out this early and that we won't dance around the situation for a whole season or more.

But of course, Mac is blaming himself for everything that has happened. With Bozer almost getting killed by that guy that was after Mac to the current situation he and his team find themselves in. I loved the little pep talk/life lessons Jack was giving Mac whenever they had some spare time together. It was stuff Mac needed to hear. 

So their new case they want to try to stop another Isis type group from forming by going to the head guy that has already caused major trouble in a country. They eventually get him, but they hit a little trouble. When do they ever not? 

The guy warned his friends that the team was coming for him and they were prepared for an attack. Mac sees the US Embassy and runs to it. They aren't prepared there and have very little attack stuff. Mac improvises like he always does. 

Riley really grew on me as a character to watch now. Here this guy was with her, thinking he could turn her into a bad guy, thinking she was the weak link. Oh buddy you don't know who you are messing with. With her jail time background, she was able to see the truth behind that fake story he tried to sell her and twisted it around to let him do a little thinking himself. That in fact the bad guys are now wanting to kill their head guy since he's in the US Embassy and saying who knows what. That little sentence right there is what probably saved their butts later on in the episode.

Don't worry, they get out just fine. If they didn't, it would have been a very very short season for the show. Bozer and Mac seem to have made up too! Of course, offering Bozer a job probably helped that a little, but still, glad to see their friendship on the up and up.