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MacGyver "Corkscrew" Episode Recap

Bozer learns the truth about his best friend when a hired gun comes to town.

Ok, did I call this from the beginning or what? I knew that the minute they mentioned Mac having a roommate to make his cover more realistic, something bad was going to happen with that. It always eventually does. I didn't think it'd be this soon, but I'm kind of glad everything is out in the open now. 

But poor guy. Bozer now knows how Mac felt the minute he knew Nikki was lying to him. I thought it was right of Mac to realize that those two connections were the same thing. Ok, a little bit of a different situation however, after this episode, I'm not totally sure what to believe.

So, this big bad hit man is in town and they don't even know what he looks like. To make matters worse, they don't even know who the target might even be. It doesn't take them long to find out who it is. 

MacGyver is the guy they are after! All fingers point to Nikki being the one who hired him and I believed that up until the point she actually showed up to convince Mac otherwise. This is Nikki after all, though. Someone who's lied to Mac pretty much ever since they first met, so who knows if she's telling the truth. But I guess if she did want him dead, she would have killed him then and there in that diner or made one of her many friends do it for her.

Who knows what's really going on. She did point the finger to Thornton. Making Mac believe that perhaps he puts his trust in the wrong hands and those people are after him. Maybe it's one of those situations where he's too good and they want to get rid of him or he saw something he didn't even know he saw and they want him dead. I'm still on the fence even thinking Thornton is involved, so I'll just have to continue watching to find out.

Mac hated being sidelined. I loved the fact that Thornton had every (almost every) thing moved out that room she put him in. He thought out of the box (literally) and was able to get out of the room with a waiting Jack on the other side. Thought that was too funny that Jack knew Mac would somehow escape.

Then that dreaded text comes. Mac is smarter then this guy and realizes what it means, but he arrives too late. After the fact that the guy told Bozer that Mac isn't who he says he is. Bozer is hurt, which is understandable. If I found out my best friend lied about most of their life, I'd be pretty hurt too. It seems like at the end, they do make up, but I have a feeling it's gonna be a rocky fresh start for them.

Mac is the only one who's ever caught this hit guy and even he was pointing the finger to Nikki. So, who really knows who actually hired him. Another story to be told later.