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NCIS: LA "Crazy Train" Episode Recap

A body was found in a shark and the team investigates to find out what happened.

No matter how much Deeks disguises his true feelings, the people that know him best will see through and know that he's not doing well. His perky has lost it's perky and I feel bad for him. He's there for Kensi and all Kensi is doing is just shoving him away.

Now I've never been in Kensi's situation before, so I have no clue how I would react. It must be hard for someone who is so active and for her job to be so active, to just sit all day and do nothing and not have one side of her body work. But her attitude worries me. To the point I'm hoping Deeks might say something that she needs help. 

She's getting physical help, but I'm talking about mental help. Something is not right in that head of hers and I'm sorry, but that was the perfect moment for Deeks to propose and to be shot down like that was just awful. No relationship or proposal or anything is perfect and I know she's going through a lot right now, but I hope that doesn't mean that their actual moment is ruined. She's just making me a little mad and I'm hoping she can get through this petty party and soon. It does sound like she's making progress, but not everything is instant. Some things just take time. 

Ok, my rant over, let's talk about Sam and Callen and their really adventurous case. First, Sam teaches Callen a new game "Would you rather". Too fun hearing what Callen comes up with, though Sam's questions were a bit weird themselves, Sam immediately regrets teaching Callen this game.

Their new case eventually leads to a cartel that went after Tad because Jolene was stealing money from them. But not after Callen got into pretty rough waters. Yes, pun intended. This cartel was pretty cruel when it came to their interrogations. I.E. how the guy ended up in a sharks' belly. They would call a shark and torture the guy in the water until they spilled all their last secrets and they were just about to do the same to Callen (who I'm surprised didn't try to out fight them on the boat, I mean he is an agent after all), if it wasn't for Sam coming at the right time and saving his butt.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's been a while since Callen has gone undercover like he did in this episode, hasn't it? It was fun seeing him do that again. Deeks would have been perfect for that, but I think Granger was right in benching him. Deeks has too much on his mind right now and Granger knows he can't totally focus on his job right now. But it was fun seeing Callen get to do it for a change. 

Granger isn't doing to well. No one has a full body scan just because. I first thought that they were going to forget about that tiny little scene at the beginning, but Hetty brought it up at the end. Saying that he may be able to hide it from the team, but she knows him pretty well and knows something is going on. Let's hope it's nothing too serious. It's taken all this time, but Granger has finally grown on me.

No mention of the mole in this episode. Let's hope it's not like last season where it was only mentioned a couple times and that was it. Like I've said before, I have a funny feeling on who it might be and I could be wrong, but if I'm right, it would be pretty awesome and hurtful at the same time.