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NCIS: LA "Glasnost" Episode Recap

Callen interrogates his father trying to find out why he is involved with their almost murder case.

It was a shock, but really nice to see his father again. I knew something else had to be involved here. His father doesn't seem to be "in the job" anymore and I was right. It was more of a personal issue then a new job he was taking. 

Talk about another awkward family moment. I'm surprised Hetty let Callen go into the interrogation room, seeing as it was his father. What ever happened to being too emotionally involved? I didn't quite get that part, but there must be something else going on in that head of Hetty's that I just don't know. Maybe she knew Callen would still get the info, even though this was his father.

So, Mary, the victim and soon to be murder victim, sad, I know, but true. She was poisoned because the people wanted to lure Callen's father out because of something he had. But why? Who was this lady to the dad? 

Callen's father used to date (or be married to, wasn't totally confirmed), Mary and that's not even her real name either. It was nice in a way too because now Callen has a step sister and is an uncle! Callen is all gun ho wanting to tell them the truth and I think that'll be good. Callen needs some normal family around for a change. Arcady helped a little with the case or as much help as he ever is. Nice to see him again.

So so so happy that Kensi is doing so much better! But what a shock. One episode, she was hardly walking with a wheelchair, the next, she's walking around with no wheelchair or walker or nothing! Her left side is still not acting right and it bugs her, but hey, at least she is active and in the right mind again and all thanks to that Dr person that's stuck in there with her. The way the staff treats him, too, makes it sound like he's there as more then just a patient.

However, it sounds like Deeks is jealous of him. Let's hope there's nothing ever going to happen between Kensi and Sullivan. He's good for her in the hospital, but I think Sullivan is more annoying then Deeks. Yep, I think that. Deeks is already kind of annoying, but that's one of the best things about him. He makes a tough situation more fun with his humor.

Eric is in the field! I repeat, Eric is in the field! Everybody hide! Ok, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but you could tell Eric has watched way too many movies and not seen how they do the actual interrogating. He was too funny in the room. Being all mucho and being like "Hey, I bet you remember me!", etc. But he was good, since he saved Deeks' life at one point. Still, it was fun seeing Deeks work with him. You could tell he couldn't stand Eric. It was still fun and hopefully not a once in a life time thing.