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NCIS: LA "Parellel Resistors" Episode Recap

A graduate student is attacked who makes electromagnetic weapon for the Navy, the team investigates what happened.

So so so happy Kensi is starting to act like herself again! If you read my recap from the last episode, then you'd know I had a little rant about her attitude. Yes, she is going through a hard time and I can't even image what she's going through, but I'm glad she's finally pulling around.

I think this guy, Sullivan has a lot of help to her new attitude. I wonder if he was put in there to help cheer her up because he looked like someone who didn't need to be in there, if you know what I mean. He knew what to say to get Kensi pushing herself to get better. So much so that she wanted to see the ring again!

After last weeks episode, I thought that there was going to be trouble waters for the proposal, but things seem to be going well. I love how Deeks sticks to her no matter how she treats him. I was shocked when Kensi apologized, but I believe she needed to. I wonder if that's why she had a cow when he proposed the first time. Sure, she doesn't want to be in a wheelchair and remember her happiest day like that, but still, what she said makes sense. She wants the ring to be her motivation and something happy to look forward to when she gets out. Glad her mind is getting back on the right track.

Their new case is when a graduate student is electrified that was working on some pretty high clearance stuff for the US. Someone was even trying to hack into his computer to get the info. Who would want it so bad?

Well, it comes to the oldest motive in the book. Money. One of the students (plus a teacher) went in on this to get a whole bunch of money for her poor family. Her heart was sort of in the right place, just going about getting the money the wrong way.

I don't know how I feel about Sam letting his daughter (who is what, only 12 or something?) start to go off to military school. Sure, it's what she wants, but I don't know how I would feel about that. I agree with Callen, that she's too young, but then again, I agree with Sam too. It's her life and she can decide what she wants to do with it. Still, not too sure about that situation.