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NCIS: New Orleans "One Good Man" Episode Recap

A petty officer is found dead weeks before he graduates and the team investigate why.

Seemed like a pretty open and shut case at the beginning, anyways. All signs were pointing to his marine teacher. He was rough and didn't seem to get along with Cory (the dead petty officer), but not all cases are that easy.

I'm glad it wasn't obvious. However, I don't mind getting to solve the case so quickly, but it was nice that it took longer then that and that it wasn't who I suspected at all. In fact, I think it was someone we barely saw in the episode, which is a change.

Danny is back! I'm always so happy when I see one or both of Loretta's adoptive kids doing so well after we first met them back in the day. Loretta thought this was going to be a celebration lunch, instead she heard the worst news ever. That Danny was in fact throwing away his college days and joining the Navy. That put her in a pretty foul mood the rest of the episode.

I understand what she's going through. With her line of work, all she sees are Navy people on her table. Some old, some young and I don't think she wants Danny to eventually be one of those people. She never totally said that, but I think that was part of the problem why she was so upset. Pride becomes the voice of reason between the two when they put him in the middle.

Both wanting Pride to show the other person their point of view to make that person get on the "right side". I think Pride was in the right place by not doing anything at all. Just letting Danny realize that he needed to voice his thoughts rather then keep them quiet. I hope all works out for him and Loretta in the end.

Chris receives some shocking news. However, I don't totally believe this ex of his. She seems like she just wants to go to whoever and tell him "hey, this is your son" to try to get something out of it. I could be completely wrong, but I hope they do a test to make sure that this is really Chris' son. I didn't think he was dating her all that long and that kid looked much older then a newborn. I wonder what Sonja will think when she hears that Chris could possibly be a father? After all, that hug was pretty intimate between them and the more she says "I don't wanna talk about it!", the more I wonder if she has feelings for him and since they work together, she doesn't want to do anything to mess with that.

Aw, the lovely Mayor is somehow mixed up in this case. If he in fact took the call from the petty officer, the many times he called the mayor, the mayor could have possibly saved this kid from dying. But he didn't. He just blew it off thinking he'd see the petty officer at the dinner he was going to and just talk to him there.

It's always fun when a murder reveals something that has been hidden for years. This time all the fingers pointed to a not so nice coach. When in fact, it wasn't that at all. It was the owner of the restaurant doing that stuff to those boys all these years and Cory wanted to come clean and he got killed for trying to do the right thing. All truth comes out sooner or later no matter how much you try to cover it up.

I did like the bonding Tammy and Chris had during the episode. They haven't worked together yet and I have a feeling Tammy is gonna be here for a while. She has kind of grown on me, but she's not my favorite. She just needs to loosen up a bit more and I think this team will help her realize that that isn't always such a bad thing to do.