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NCIS: New Orleans "Outlaws" Episode Recap

Things get interesting when the team catches a case involving the motorcycle gangs.

Someone gets shot and killed at a motorcycle gang rally and the team come to find out what happened. To learn that the Vets and the Niners might be involved, but why would that start that feud up again? It was cool to see the team in this kind of element. It was different, but fun to see them like this.

Why would they bring up an old feud again or come back to the town that they were both revivals in to begin with? Something isn't adding up here. That something is the thing Sonja knew, but she didn't realize it until it was too late.

Sonja gets put into some hot water because she goes undercover again under an old alias trying to get close again to Ramon. Who in fact, ended up being the true bad guy all along. I knew someone like that didn't quite belong where he was. He just seemed out of place to me. It was because he was trying to start the feud in order to get someone else there instead.

I was a bit bummed that there was no mention of how the meeting with Loretta and her son went. I'd love to know what, if anything was resolved between them. I guess we will find out later on that one.

Chris hasn't told anybody, yet, about possibly having a child. Though I still don't believe for a second that this kid is his and thank-you Pride for suggesting the test! Chris doesn't sound like he wants to take it, thinking the kid is his. But I'm sorry, the mother seems too demanding and I think she went to the first guy she knew would be good to them. That has a job and everything would work out fine for her. So, I won't be surprised if later on, they are like "oh, I'm sorry, this isn't your kid after all".  I'm glad that Chris told Pride about it and he does need to tell Sonja before she explodes from not knowing.

Sonja seems hurt by the fact that Tammy knows what Chris is doing. Just stop dancing around the situation and let Chris know you have feelings for him already! But no, I guess the won't happen any time soon.

Pride was right, Tammy and Sonja do work well together. They may not always get along, but Tammy will be there for someone no matter what. Then Sonja learns of Tammy's secret. That her ex was the guy who stole the Katerina money! I'm glad Sonja and Tammy seem to be bonding now. Tammy is starting to losen up, but it seems like I like her one episode, then she's awful the next one. So yeah, still not too sure about this one.