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Scorpion "Mother Load" Episode Recap

We meet Paige's mother and she is something!

All Paige wanted, was a nice family Thanksgiving. Working with Scorpion, she should have realized that hope was lost. Especially when Walter signs up for an "easy job". Yeah right, two words never uttered from Scorpion team. Ok, they are said, they just are never right.

For some reason, I did not expect Paige's mother to be what she was. A con woman! I actually don't know if I ever knew anything too much about Paige's past, but I'm glad we are learning about her too. She is apart of the team and very important to them. I knew she didn't have a perfect, family life like some people might, but I had no idea her mother was quite like she was.

This episode was filled with awkward moments left and right and most of them with poor Toby stuck in the middle of a feuding daughter and mother. The therapist in him, wanted to try to fix things and lighten the mood. That's not always the best thing. But it is Thanksgiving, so Paige just needed to see the error of her ways because it kind of sounds like her mother might be trying to change.

Their new case, they have to protect a nuclear reactor from going off that Paige's mother found in the bottom of a basement she was having a meeting with some not so nice people, as we later found out. Though I was shocked to find out that this was Paige's mother, I knew the minute we met her, that she was not telling the full truth.

Paige's mother owed the gun shooters some money and they were none too happy when she didn't show up with the money. That's why she had the truck. Making them think she had the money, when in reality she didn't. That's partly why she called Scorpion too. Knowing that they could help her out of both situations. The one with the reactor and the gun guys.

In the mean time, Sly is working on his campaign for his guild or whatever it is. I knew the minute Gallo stepped up on the lot, that Sly's management was going to change. Gallo knows how to work this stuff, Sly's current manager doesn't totally seem to know what he's doing. That and the fact that Gallo has a thing for the opposing team members manager. I liked the lady and I could tell that they had feelings for each other. About time Gallo got someone. Hope that we see more of them soon.

Paige's mother seems to have taken a liking to Walter. Even offering to help him get Paige back! Not sure if that'll go over well at all, but it was cute seeing them together and it was cute seeing her meet Ralph. When Ralph said "Grandma?", I knew that she was going to stay, whether Paige liked it or not. 

In the end, it may not have been the perfect Thanksgiving Paige was hoping for, but holidays are for a time of reconnecting with family. Like Toby said, this is normal. Everybody all around the world is gathering together and having an awkward celebration and he isn't wrong there.