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Scorpion "Sly and the Family Stone" Episode Recap

The team, minus Happy and Toby, travel to Ireland to visit Megan's gravesite.

Ugh, the minute I met all of Walter's family, I was annoyed by them. He's different, sure, but don't they know what he's doing in the States? Don't they know how many people he has saved because of being how smart he is? I mean, it didn't sound like nothing had changed and they accepted Sly with open arms. 

All because though, Sly keeps up relationships. Something Walter doesn't seem to be too well at. But that was a lesson learned in this episode for him. It was cute seeing Sly getting along with the family and already knowing who all of them are. Don't know why he was even nervous to begin with since it sounds like he video chats with almost everybody.

That probably would have been a nice warning to Walter who I could tell was jealous the minute they stepped down. He probably would never, ever admit that he actually was jealous. Because, you know, feelings don't exist to him. 

Happy and Toby are stuck back home while they try to get all the yucky stuff out of Happy's blood to make her better again. While that is going on, Happy is trying to pull off a quick wedding. Toby in the end gets his way (and what I was hoping for) to have a big wedding. Because their friends deserve to be there. I could see them getting upset about not getting invited. 

The minute Walter started saying that the lake was going to explode, everybody literally laughed at him! No wonder he doesn't like his family. I didn't even like his family. Here Walter is, trying to save their life and all they do is just stand there and try to go about business as normal.

They finally start to realize that Walter is actually telling the truth towards the end of the episode. You'd think they would have realized it sooner when his team didn't even question the fact that his idea sounded a little out there. But they sadly did.

Not only is all of this going on, but Ralph and Toby have concocted a plan to try to get Tim and Walter be friends and at least work together without always hating each other. They both think they are helping the other person out, when in reality, they aren't. They find out about the plan later on and do eventually sort of work together, but it didn't come easy for either one of them. Too much jealously on the fact that they both love the same woman.

Walter is even able to confront his old bullies and they made up. Not before having a fight of their own, though, with Tim in the background trying to help Walter out. Now fighting may not have been the best solution and not sure if that's what even solved the feud, but something did and hopefully they are a man of their word.

Walter in the end, realizes that he needs to keep more in touch with his family if he doesn't want to be considered an outcast and hated by his family every time he goes to visit them. I think Sly should include him on his video chats that he does with them, which I still think is the cutest thing ever.