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Scorpion "We're Gonna Need A Bigger Vote" Episode Recap

The team (minus Walter) gets a new gig to try to stop the voting servers getting hacked into.

Glad this episode didn't involve the election too much. It was just right, though. I mean, their new case was trying to figure out who was hacking into the voting system and erasing votes, but it wasn't overly done and I throughly enjoyed it.

Compared to last weeks episode, I needed a win with an episode this week and this was it. Though it did end on a sad note, I was mad, then happy, then sad, then happy again throughout the whole episode. 

It is really fun to see the characters grow on this show. From someone who probably didn't even wanna be around kids to actually being brokenhearted at hearing the news that she wasn't even pregnant to begin with, was I think, a growing part for Happy. That news broke me, it was so sad and then it was made worse seeing Happy so sad herself. I had know idea she was that excited to become a parent and for a second there, I had a worse idea thinking that this would make her have second thoughts about her and Toby. But after hearing what Happy had to say about wanting to be a parent and stuff, I now fully believe that Toby and Happy are going to make amazing parents. Even if their child isn't a genius, I think that the child will be loved because both Happy and Toby knows what abandonment feels like.

Toby finally got his shining moment. Though, it wasn't as epic as the last one, what with the singing and such, but it came at a perfect time and showed her how much he truly wants this. Baby or no baby. So yes, he proposed and she said yes! I for one, am thrilled!

Their new case took many different routes. First, I was on board thinking that it was guys who in fact gave them the case to begin with since all fingers were pointing to them. But nope, that backfired. It ended up being the Chinese. Not totally sure what their motive was in that plan, but still, it was them trying to fix the election.

Walter gets sidelined in this case. All because of his papers not being American. Seriously? I'm with Toby, he's helped on so many cases before that was an issue and they are sidelining him now?! It didn't last long and thanks to Walter and Ralph, they were actually able to solve the problem. So, they do need Walter. Thanks to this case, he was finally able to get what he needed. American papers! Now Happy and Toby can get married!

Seeing Walter and Ralph work together was too much fun. I had forgotten that we haven't seen that in a very long time. I think they both needed it. Ralph is being so mature in this who Tim and Paige thing and they are taking a huge next step. No matter how much Paige wants to deny what the team says on the facts, but meeting the parents is a huge step in the relationship and one I'm not sure if they are ready for. 

Walter was clearly jealous the whole time it was ever mentioned. But he knows Paige isn't ready for him or they are just stubborn and just won't be together. Either way, they both need to realize, "hey, you are the better one for me" and send Tim on his way already. I really hope Ralph put a major guilt trip on Walter after telling it to him like that. Saying that they could always have fun if Walter would have just taken Paige out when he had the chance. I didn't expect Ralph to say something like that, but I think Walter needed to hear it.