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Vampire Diaries "An Eternity Of Misery" Episode Recap

The truth comes out as Sybil tells the chilling story of her childhood.

 This episode had so many twists and turns, it's hard to keep them all straight. It's been such a long time since I've been excited about a new episode of this show, but it has finally happened again. I thought I had the episode pegged from the beginning, but they threw a twist I did not see coming.

We first start off on an island in 750 BC with two girls who have been thrown there. One girl was there from beginning, while the other one, was there because she did something bad. Here I was thinking the whole time that the girl of the island was Sybil, but that's the first twist. 

The first twist is that, Sybil was actually the good sister out of the two. She hated killing the people on the boat in order to survive. Little did she know, that her sister kept doing it and forced Sybil to feed on humans without her knowledge. So who is the mysterious sister?

This is the one I thought I had pegged from the beginning. All signs seemed to point to her. Miss Georgie. That would make complete sense. She seemed odd and kind of not fitting into the story at all. However, she was just another one being controlled by the real siren. Seline! Another shock. Here I liked her and thought she'd be good for Alaric, but little did I know too, that she was the very evil they've been trying to look for. Now I have a funny feeling that the reason why Seline is there with Alaric, has to do with his twins. Are they forgetting that his twins are witches? Surely that must not be a coincidence.

Last week, we got a blast from the past with not one, but two characters coming back. Miss Sheriff Forbes in Damon's memory and then Tyler. This week, we got another treat and Matt came back! I was wondering why Pete was so important to Damon. He didn't even know himself why this guy was so important. I'm sure Sybil knew of the connection. But I still have know clue how Matt or his dad got their hands on the very thing Damon has been looking for. 

Speaking of Damon, I still have a small hope for him. It seems to me that he knows he's being controlled and wants to stop it, but he just doesn't know how to get rid of this hold Sybil has on him. But it's much bigger then  Sybil, with what we've learned. It's Cade himself!

Yep, that nice guy we saw in the story from the beginning, ends up being the man who controls Hell and wants all humans who done wrong to suffer along with him. The sirens are doing his bidding by killing humans who aren't great and that's why Damon and Stefan are so important. Damon is just there because he's a vampire, but the real person they want, is Stefan! Ugh, my poor favorite character is in trouble and someone who doesn't even believe in hell. Um, isn't he in for a rude awakening? 

At this point, I really do feel like Elena needs to wake up and save everybody. I believe that she has the power that needs to break Sybils curse on Damon. Ok, could be the "loves true kiss" thing that I keep thinking of and though this isn't a fairytale, I still wonder if that might be the path they are going down.    

I never liked Georgie, but what an odd feeling for her to see herself die right in front of her eyes. Talk about an out of body experience. But anybody else think that world looked oddly familiar? Yep, I'm talking about what happened to the other side when that disappeared. It might not be connected, but I found that odd that it kind of looked the same.

Ok, I know this may sound mean, but what is the big deal with Tyler and why is killing him going to make no one ever forgive Damon? I didn't get that part. I know Tyler and Matt were best friends and that was a hard part for me to watch, but I don't get what the big deal is with that. Maybe it's just the fact that Damon is killing someone that close to them? Who knows.

Stefan believes he's both sisters. I was thinking he'd say he was Sybil. The girl who wanted to be good, but turned bad. In a weird way, I was impressed that Stefan said he was both. Will Stefan take Sybil up on her offer to help free Damon? Only time will tell.

Oh and speaking of time, where in the world did Alaric dig himself out of? He looked utterly shocked when he crawled out. He's not in some other universe is he? I don't think he is, but he looked surprised at where he had been taken.