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Vampire Diaries "You Decided That I Was Worth Living" Episode Recap

You know what's worse then the Hunger Games? Hunger Games with Vampires! This week, their new villain had Damon and Enzo battle to the death.

This siren is one crazy bad lady. I am actually liking her. She's creepy and trying to get rid of any hope of getting Damon back all because she's acting like a 3 year old. Even Bonnie said it. She's jealous that she has to fight for her approval with a guy and wants to get rid of all existence and have some disgusting love slave there whenever she wants him.

That part kind of bugged me, I caught that she was jealous of Bonnie right at the beginning. Why else would you go after someone like Bonnie? Not her normal target of people. She just wants Damon and Enzo all to herself. 

She's destroying all the beautiful memories that Damon has of Elena and replacing them with her in place of Elena. Now, I never was a fan of Delena, but I find myself super mad at this lady for destroying all the good (i.e. Elena) in his life. Replacing that first memory of Elena was awful, but the fact that the siren keeps doing it, is just getting me more mad. Hoping Damon is still in there and that this is all just a front.

There is a small amount of celebrating Stefan and Caroline's big moment last week. But of course, on this show, you know just as well I as I do, that with any celebration, it ends in death or some sort of sad outcome. 

Bonnie and Caroline are too cute together. I'm glad Bonnie got out of her funk and started hanging out with Caroline again. I missed those two together. That surprise party was too cute and the wedding dress shopping was fun, until Damon had to be the party crasher and ruin everything.

Then there's the siren coming to Caroline's home and trying to get to the bottom of why it is that these two men just won't let go of Bonnie. Until she finally figures it out. Bonnie will do anything to help her friends out. She may want to rethink that when she realizes the two people that matter the most to her in the world, battle to their death unless she chooses one of them.

I'm surprised that the first word wasn't Enzo out of her mouth. She took forever to finally say who she wanted. First I thought that this was a test of true love, but I should have known that the siren doesn't play like that. She's not nice, I'm not even sure if she's human. Sure, she looks human, but still. 

Alaric is actually having some sort of luck with all his research. That weird pitch fork thing they found is actually the key in bringing down the siren. It's a tuning fork. They figured that out when his twin daughters dropped the thing and they went crazy with noise. Not sure if that was the witch in them picking that up or what. But it was the key in getting the siren locked up in the armory. Because of this Georgie's curiosity got the better of her and followed Alaric and now knows what is actually going on.

So much for that, though. She really did a number on Damon's mind and he's still on the hunt to finish what she started. What that is, we don't know because every time he says it, it comes up in some odd words. I'm surprised they weren't trying to decode it, because surely that was some sort of clue that he was giving them. Which again, makes me wonder, if some sort of Damon is in there somewhere. Even one of my favorite Bamon scenes is messed with now because of this lady. Really hope they find a way to unglue her from his mind and get Damon back to Damon, memories in tact.

I first thought that they might have found a way. With Tyler! Yep, you saw that right, Tyler is back! But for a very brief moment in time. For a second there, I thought Damon was starting to come around. Maybe he was and the siren knew it and started to work harder on Damon because chomp goes Damon on Tyler's neck! Though I never really liked Tyler, it was a very hard thing to watch at the end. Here's hoping that Tyler might still be alive, but I'm preparing myself for the worst and like Tyler said, this will be a sin Damon did that is not worth forgiving.