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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The Laws Of The Inferno Dynamics" Episode Recap

They think it's over, but it's only the beginning.

Eli is back with his old gang who really don't know what kind of power Eli actually has. Are they careful? Well, criminals are rarely smart, so no, they aren't careful and think they can push Eli's button's just like a normal human. Except Eli isn't human. Or so he thinks.

This book really messes with people. I hope they eventually destroy the thing because seriously, has it done any good? Well, ok, it did one good thing by saving Fitz, Coulson and Robbie, but that's a really small factor on what it has already done. When Coulson was in-between worlds, he heard some creepy stuff coming off of the book. 

The cat is out of the bag. Meaning, everybody knows now that AIDA isn't human, that she is in fact a robot. Jeffery's reaction was too funny "I found her attractive!". Good thing he never did anything past just looking, though. Though AIDA is a robot, that book seems to be messing with her just fine. It probably likes the fact that it finally found a big enough source to finally accomplish whatever it's goal is.

Was Eli always this bad or did the book just make him think worse then what he already thought? I guess even to good people, this thing can mess with you and change you into something bad. I mean, to want to kill his own nephew? Sure, he's Ghost Rider, but still, that's not a good uncle there. This guy was like a father to them. Guess you can't totally know someone.

Thanks to Fitz's research, he realized that Eli isn't turning into a god. He can't create something out of nothing like the book said he was doing. Eli was stealing from everything creating what he was doing. Each time it happened, that's when the quakes happened. Thank goodness Daisy wasn't the culprit on those. But did this phase Eli at all? Making him realize that by doing this more and more, he'll destroy everything and everyone? Nope, he couldn't care less, which was the scariest thing yet I have seen on this show.

He thought that he could create life again once everything was destroyed. Coulson tried hard to tell him that wasn't going to be the case, but nothing got through to him. Robbie had to risk his own life by killing Eli. His last mission. But is this really the last we've seen of Robbie? According to Coulson, that's a no. It made it sound like Coulson has seen Ghost Rider or at least known about that story for a while now, since he said "The last one came back". I guess he could have referred to Robbie when they were trapped in that other earth thing, but I don't think that's what he meant.

Daisy is back with the team! So glad that she decided to come back. Though she doesn't seem quite too sure about it, but I think she'll adjust just fine knowing that Jeffery (who I don't trust for a second), is an Inhuman. But what was that thing that happened to Daisy? I feel like that was some sort of important clue that they have over looked. Why would her power lift her into the sky and drop her down or was that Daisy doing it all herself? I was confused by that because she seemed shocked when she went up into the sky.

Fitz and Simmons are just the cutest thing ever! I'm glad that they are still doing good as a couple and I am hoping that a wedding is in the very near future for them. The way Fitz was when he wasn't sure where Simmons was at was just so sweet. I still don't know what all that was going on with that thing, but it can't be good. 

Man, that cliffhanger! What in the world has that book done to AIDA? She has somehow made life and made another May. I should have known. May wouldn't completely act like that around Coulson. Though I still think that May and Coulson have feelings for each other, but still, May wasn't acting herself at the end. What is AIDA's plan here with all this? Guess we will just have to wait until January to find out.